A Blessing in Disguise!

The threat of possible extinction in the near future was not enough to galvanise the world into action, but the fear of imminent death most certainly is!

We all understand the logic behind the statement “a finite system cannot expand indefinitely”, but up till now it has been almost studiously ignored. Those who have the possibility of making huge amounts of money at everybody else’s expense, have continued to do so. Instead of reducing aircraft flights, they are constantly increasing. Apart from Boeing, which is currently reaping the benefit of its own misguided policies, aircraft are in increasing demand – totally counter to the requirement for the reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

But now, with the Coronavirus on the scene, we are suddenly finding that the right things are being done – possibly for the wrong reasons, but what the heck!

People have decided that they don’t want to travel so much after all, and it is having a serious effect on various industries:-

Flybe’s collapse could be ‘first of many’ airlines

European tourism losing €1 BILLION a month as holiday makers stay home due to coronavirus

Huge red flag for oil: Global economic growth could be cut in half

Oil price to plunge as Saudis vow to step up production
(The new strategy adopted by Riyadh appears to target Russia and US shale oil firms, many of which are known to have high production costs and lose money when crude prices fall below $50 a barrel for more than a few months.)

And now we have a real chance to make the change permanent:-
“Coronavirus and the Remote Work Experiment No One Asked For”

Coronavirus and the Remote Work Experiment No One Asked For

What should we do to protect ourselves?

1. Keep yourself informed. We are not dealing with the worst known virus ever, but a serious threat, and we can protect ourselves against it.
2. If you can avoid travelling, do so.
3. If you must travel, avoid confined situations like the plague. That means buses, planes, trains, and ships – especially if there is air-conditioning. You are much safer on a bicycle!
4. Form shopping clubs. Instead of everyone doing their own shopping, it would be practical to form a group, and one or two members of it do the shopping for everybody else.
5. Keep your distance. Meet your friends outside in the open air, where there is minimal risk of infection – and avoid unnecessary contact with them.

Greta Thunberg has support now from an unexpected source. We should be thankful.

Naomi Seibt – the German climate change denier employed by the conservative Heartland Institute. You are not helping. Please go back to sleep!

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