The Things we Never Said

In later years, when looking back on life
as oft we do, we sometimes think of how
our path was chosen, all the chances offered,
some seen, some not, and others just ignored,
while others still were taken

And those we would have wished, but dare not take
for shyness stood before, and courage failed us,
they stay the longest, warming through the years,
those memories of unrequited love,
and all that could have been

How easy for us then if just a sign
were given, just a hint to guide our way,
but nothing comes, for shyness wreaks its pain
in others too, it strikes them dumb, and leaves
incapable of action

No chance to tread that path again from start
and with our knowledge make our choices new,
the images are set in place and time.
And that which helped the most to set them there?
The things we never said!

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