Each person can be taken as a round,
A circle, he must dwell therein until
The final cut, at which his mortal bonds
Are broken, setting free the spirit which
May roam unfettered lastly where it will.

From birth imprisoned in this tiny shell
We strive to break the shackles that embrace
Us all in vain. We are, as we were meant
To be – alone – and so we will remain.

Alone to all appearance but not quite
As it would seem. We can communicate
By voice or sign with others, which instills
Illusion of transcendence, but how few
There are in each when laid to sleep – just one.

And so it is in all our waking hours
Experience cannot be shared, at best
Combined – pale semblance of what could be if
We could feel each others joys and sorrows self.

But now consider what for burden are
We spared – to carry on our shoulders all
Humanity? There is none strong enough,
I see no hand aloft. ‘Tis better so,
Our freedom lies in our incarceration.

Unless perchance we choose to look within
And seek the one who wears our burden still
Alone, but never lonely, when we share
Our lives with Him, the greatest of our friends.

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