Turn up the Heat

There appears to be a ‘hole in the middle’ that we need to bridge before any serious political action on Climate Change will be even considered.Politicians are unfortunately a fact of life, and we have to deal with them somehow. It helps in this effort when we know what their personal priorities are. My guess is as follows:-1st priority – Stay elected, whatever it takes.
2nd priority – Don’t stick your neck out, follow the party line
3rd priority – Listen for murmurs of dissent from the constituents. Deal with them well ahead of the next election.
I also have to make some assumptions, as follows:-

a) Politicians are persons of average intelligence
b) Politicians already know about global warming, and what to do about it to be effective
c) They will take no action that runs counter to their personal priorities.

The trigger for this argument comes from a web page on the BBC – “Climate protest goes ‘mainstream'”, – wherefrom I extracted the following –

“Also among those on the march was journalist John-Paul Flintoff. “A year-and-a-half ago it felt like no one was paying any attention,” he said. “Now a lot of people are paying attention even if they are denying it.”

But Mr Flintoff suggested politicians still need to take a greater lead. “I have spoken to some of them and they have said they are not going to do more until people put the pressure on them,” he said.

And exactly this is the ‘hole in the middle’ that I referred to above. Without this pressure, politicians will act according to their personal priorities, with pressure they will act according to ours. And by applying pressure, we are implicitly sending a message, as follows –

“We know this is an extremely difficult task, but it has to be done. The persons that have to do it are our elected representatives. They will not be held personally responsible for the outcome unless they refuse to act.”

How to apply pressure?

Get people on the streets! – A ‘travelling road-show’ going round the country, with a demonstration every week in a different city. Note:- only the show has to travel, not the people. A different set of organisers in every city will take care of that, with central coordination.

– Quarterly, and increasing, major demonstrations at selected central points.

Spread the Word!

– Global Warming parties a la Tupperware! Anyone with a home computer could do presentations for friends and neighbours, and the method itself has proved enormously successful.

– Town councils produce a permanent display, which is constantly updated with the latest information.

I realise that all this effort is applicable to the UK only at the moment, and am also concerned about the rest of the world, but the world needs leadership too. And what could be more fitting than the country that started the Industrial Revolution leading the way out of it!

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