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How do you rate your Politicians?

There is nothing like a good crisis to bring out the best, or worst, in people, and Gaza has been a testing ground for British politicians like no other. We are all different, and you may have a different opinion than I, but here is my take on the subject!

1st place:-

Lady Warsi

Lady Warsi – this one has balls! – one of the very few with the sheer guts to follow their convictions, and expose British government policy for the rubbish it really is.

2nd place:-


Ed Milliband – finally got so exasperated that he described Israel’s incursion into Gaza as “wrong and unjustifiable”.
There is still some debate as to whether he has balls or not, as, being Jewish, nobody is going to throw the Anti-Semitism label at him, and he still seems to think that Palestinians have no right to defend themselves.

The Also-Ran:-


Cameron – the original gutless wonder! Hasn’t got the balls to make his own statement – has to endorse someone else’s – a disgusting person!

Expulsion to Gaza would do wonders for his education!

Crawling out of the woodwork:-


Chris Grayling – The Appeaser-in-chief – accuses Milliband of undermining the Middle East peace effort by being “ultra-critical” of Israel.

Who is this silly man? Justice Secretary? Don’t know him – banish him to Gaza too!

Democracy Deficit? – Look No Further!


I could be wrong, of course.

There is a very remote possibility that Cameron does not understand that his job as an elected representative is to put his personal views to one side, and act on the perceived wishes of his electorate.

But I think he has no intention of doing so at all!

Furthermore, he gets angry when others in similar positions of power do what is expected of them.
See:- Cameron to threaten EU with ‘consequences’ if Juncker appointed

His intensive campaign to prevent Juncker being elected as President of the European Commission has not only resulted in dismal failure, but also unmasked Cameron as a blackmailer of the worst ilk.

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, and Matteo Renzi, the Italian prime minister, are having none of it. Although they may privately wish to appoint a different President, they will bow to the wishes of their respective peoples, and publicly support Juncker.

They are, in fact, doing the job they are supposed to do!

Why should Cameron take issue with that?

You will note that this is an ongoing issue in British politics. The Prime Minister has the power to make or break democracy – alone.

Sadly, most of the time they break it!

Democracy Deficit? – Look No Further!

Did Cameron Play an Ace, or a Joker?

Cameron really has stirred up a political hornets nest with his determination to prevent Jean-Claude Juncker from becoming president of the European commission.

David Cameron accused of ‘blackmail’ over European Union power struggle

His initial reasoning, which was that the EU should not appoint a federalist after the recent election had shown so much ground being gained by parties that want to restructure the EU altogether was understandable. He seemed even to have won the ear of Angela Merkel. It is thought that Italy, Hungary, The Netherlands and Sweden would support him, and France is possibly moving in the same direction.

Angela Merkel, however, apparently under pressure from inside Germany, where 78% of Germans believed the candidate of the biggest bloc in the European parliament should go on to become president of the commission, has exercised her woman’s prerogative, and changed her mind.

This may have been enough to trigger Cameron into action, and his alleged comments about a British exit from Europe, reportedly made in a private conversation on the fringe of a Brussels dinner on Tuesday, were leaked to Der Spiegel.

Many people see Cameron’s statement as blackmail, which is especially damaging, and certainly not statesmanlike. Far better would have been to accept the inevitable if Juncker is elected, say nothing, return home, and quietly advance the date for the referendum.

As it is, I fear Cameron has neatly shot himself in the foot!

Not much of a poker player, this one!