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Maria Miller Too Hot to Handle!

This is beginning to look more and more like an episode from “The Thick of It”, but the humour is sadly missing, and this is reality, not fiction.

How to Hold MP’s Accountable also refers.

Its not often that I find a person that I would describe as a “Brazen Hussy”, but this description seems to fit very well indeed.

Lets take stock:-

    She cheated on expenses.
    The Telegraph was warned by Downing Street not to publish anything about it. Although the warning was later denied, the recording of the telephone conversation proved it happened.
    She bullied and threatened the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) during its investigation, instead of cooperating with it.
    The IPSA report recommended that Miller pay back £45,000
    MPs of the Standards Committee reduced the figure to £5,800
    Miller wanted a further reduction to only £4,000, which was refused.
    She made a public apology as follows:-

“With permission, Mr Speaker, I wish to make a personal statement in relation to today’s report. The report resulted from an allegation made by the member for Bassetlaw. The committee has dismissed his allegation. The committee has recommended that I apologise to the House for my attitude to the commissioner’s inquiries and I of course unreservedly apologise. I fully accept the recommendations of the committee and thank them for bringing this matter to an end.”

It seems apparent that Mrs Miller feels no remorse or contrition for her actions. She does not seem to realise that MP’s are Public Servants, and part of their job is to protect the interests of the electorate, not to ransack its funds.

Mrs Miller is a good example of an MP who has no business to be in office. She should be removed.

This may happen sooner rather than later.

As for Cameron, who insists on giving her his “warm support”?
I feel a U-turn coming on!

Eventually, he will have to do the decent thing, and
“Throw the Baggage Out”!