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New GM Trials in UK? – No – Its GaMe Over!

There are new calls for GM trials in the UK, but they are completely misguided. This is like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, and the stable is already burning to the ground.

Not only does this discount the fact that the GM euphoria in the USA is over, see –
http://modernfarmer.com/2013/12/post-gmo-economy/ and
but it also ignores the medical evidence that Glyphosate, and even more so Roundup, present an ever-present health risk to humans when found in the food chain – even at minimal levels.

The latest information I have on this comes from The Institute of Science in Society, and can be found at http://www.i-sis.org.uk/Glyphosate_Roundup_and_Human_Male_Infertility.php
A fully referenced and illustrated version of this article is posted on ISIS members website and is otherwise available for download (You will need to pay for this!)

I reproduce only the paragraph headers here – they should be more than enough to make you sit up and take notice:-

    1. “The infertility timebomb: are men facing extinction?”
    2. Infertility trend associated with testicular germ cell cancer, congenital malformations & low testosterone
    3. Age-independent testosterone decline reflects rise in glyphosate use with GM crops
    4. Roundup more damaging than glyphosate
    5. Acute Roundup exposure at very low concentrations kills cells in the immature testis
    6. Detailed mechanisms of action identified
    7. Oxidative stress and endocrine disrupting effects specific to Roundup

If you want more detail on this, you could look at my previous post “Are Our Farmers Poisoning Us?”. You will find the link in the Post Finder in the top menu bar above.

If you really want to improve matters, start campaigning to stop Pre-Harvest Desiccation using Roundup.

And last, but by no means least, look at the report entitled “Seeds of Doubt – North American farmers’ experiences of GM crops” produced by the Soil Association. You can download the PDF file yourself at:-

I reproduce a part of the conclusion here for convenience:-

“The findings show that GM crops would obstruct the UK government from meeting its public commitments and policy
objectives: to ensure that the expansion of organic farming is not undermined by the introduction of GM crops and that farming should be competitive and meet consumer requirements.

Now let’s have enough of this nonsense. Its GaMe Over!