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Geolocation – Blessing or Curse?

When I was first confronted with this –
I was, to say the least, a little confused.
What I needed was a way of changing the language to something I could recognise – English, German, French, even Italian – but I could see no way of doing it. Apparently I was not alone, as a quick search for items relating to Geolocation revealed that there were many unhappy campers in the same situation.
There are articles relating to switching off Geolocation in various browsers, but to do this is of little help, as there are various methods of determining the location of the user – IP address, Wifi tower, GPS etc., – and they are not all controlled by your browser. And my browser has geolocation switched off, but I am still getting the problem.
Help, however, was not far away. In fact, it was at the bottom of the same page – carefully tucked away out of sight:-
All I had to do was to scroll down to find it!
Now I had not previously considered Google to be inconsiderate, but in this particular case they could do much better, and with very little effort.
Come on Google – get it together please!