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Studying the WordPress Stats.

This morning I thought I would take a closer look at the statistics for my site. There has been a spate of spam comments originating from strange sources that cannot be tracked down, and with false email addresses.

The curious thing about them is that they are attached to posts that do not appear to have been accessed according to the statistics.

If that is the case, how are they getting in, and why aren’t they being recorded as visits to the post in question?

    Is this a problem with the way the statistics are generated?
    Is this the result of someone hacking into the WordPress system?
    Is there another cause that I have not been able to determine yet?

I will be investigating this as far as I can, but my possibilities are limited – I am not a hacker.

However, I would appreciate some feedback it anyone else is seeing similar problems. And I would ask WordPress to look into it to see if they can help.

Lets see if we can crack this thing!

Comment Spam – We Need Edward Snowden!

This is frustrating, to say the least!

There has been a spate of comment spam recently on this site. You won’t have seen it, for I delete it before it gets anywhere, but my attempts to pinpoint the source and close it down have so far come to naught.

    1. The originating email address is fictitious, and any mail sent to it fails to be delivered.
    2. Normally it would be possible to reach the administration at the sites referenced by the spammer, but both the addresses I have tried – info@sitename, and webmaster@sitename – result in a failed delivery.

It is possible to view the sites referenced, however, so they are definitely there.

Looking at their webpages in text mode is no help either. Neither of the two sites I have looked at give an originating url, which is certainly not standard practice.

So be aware, spammers are gaming the system!

I don’t know if WordPress could help us out here at all? I will go to the Commons, reference this post, and ask if anything can be done.

Failing that, we need a good HACKER!

I hear that Edward Snowden’s credentials are excellent,

I wonder if he is available?