• A picture is worth a thousand words, or one poem.
  • All men are born equal,
    but some are more equal then others,
    and are determined to stay that way.
  • Cultural exchange is a weapon.
  • Being alive is a fatal condition!
  • Don’t let what other people think decide who you are.
  • Employment is government’s way of keeping us too busy
    to notice what is being done to us – until its too late!.
  • Enclosure never died – it transmuted into patents and the WTO.
  • Most parents supposedly love their children,
    but condemn them first to life, and then to death.
  • Ownership is an illusion. Our own bodies are only on lease.
  • Pregnancy is now antisocial.
  • Privatisation can be fatal.
  • Service-oriented economies are necessary when resources
    have been exhausted – there is nothing left to sell.
  • SMOKING is dangerous to your health,
    FLYING is dangerous to ours!
  • Thinking is the only real freedom we have. Make up your own mind!
  • When you vote for a political representative,
    you vote for a “preferred survivor”.
  • With LBM, a “call of Nature” becomes a “SCREAM”.
  • Exchanging one form of tyranny for another, is not liberation.
  • When an honest man discovers he is mistaken,
    he will either cease being mistaken,
    or cease being honest. (Anon)
  • If you have only clowns in charge, the best you can hope for is a circus!
  • There are more sharks on land than there are in the sea!
  • A boat is a hole in the ocean into which you pour money.
  • Politicians are all short-sighted. They can’t see further ahead than the next election!
  • The Germans get things done.
    The British talk about getting things done!
  • Democracy stops at the doors of the Houses of Parliament!.
  • Law of Nature. As long as you have two teeth that bite together, you will sooner or later get your tongue between them!
  • This message will not ‘suit’ everybody. “However you try to cut it – WE HAVE RUN OUT OF CLOTH”!!!
  • Earthquake. “Nature’s way of reminding us who is really in charge!”

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