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Google is the worst search engine ever – except all the rest!

Google’s search engine performance has crashed to a new low!

I now rank it as the worst search engine ever – apart from all the rest.

Why? Simply because it doesn’t answer the questions I give it!

I typed in “Three-legged Piebald Ponies”, and what did I get?

    Piebald – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Breed Description – Irish Piebald and Skewbald Association …
    How to make my Piebald ‘Gypsy’ Cobs legs white? – Yahoo Answers
    Shetland Ponies For Sale in Three Legged Cross | Find …
    Define piebald | Dictionary and Thesaurus
    Teto bombproof traditional piebald pony for sale 14 1 h 4yo …
    Some Horse and Pony Basics – Pets4Homes
    Colours and Markings – Newfoundland Pony Society
    Images for three-legged piebald ponies
    More images for three-legged piebald ponies Ponies | Kingbilli
    Color Information – Welsh ponies and cobs

The only response that reflected the original query accurately was for the images. However, closer inspection revealed that all the animals shown had four legs, and not three!

Running the same search in Bing was no better!

    Native American Indian Names for Your Dog, Horse, Wolf, or …
    Horses for sale in UK :: Horsemart
    The Gypsy Horse – Penumbra
    Big Male Coyote Monster Bucks Fight Attack Huge Rack 3 …
    Dog versus Deer ORIGINAL – YouTube
    Funny Horse Jokes – Funny Racist Nigger Black & White …
    John Haynes deserves to win | Books | theguardian.com
    What is the bump on horse spine. It looks like a raised …
    Thomas B. Reed | Facebook

These people are not searching at all – they are simply stabbing in the dark!

Search seems to be based on any word or combination of words in the search phrase.

It should be based on the complete phrase in the exact sequence given.

Advanced Search
There used to be an “Advanced” search facility, where you could tweak your original query a little to ‘improve’ the results. This has disappeared altogether! One of the advanced options was to put a ‘+’ between each word of the phrase to insist that it is taken as a phrase, and not just a bunch of separate words. This trick now has absolutely zero effect on the result!

Two-tier ranking.
Free domains are now penalized. At a guess, that’s at least 30 million blogs on WordPress!

The SEO Straightjacket!
There is a list of things to do to ‘improve’ your ranking on search results. The problem is that this directly affects the author’s freedom to write as he/she feels. Its akin to cramming everything into sausage skins – all you get out are things that look like sausages! Anything that restricts freedom of expression must be intrinsically bad.

Location sensitivity dictates language, which could make Google unusable. A Language selector on every page is a must!

What can we do about this disaster?
Why Google Wants to Know About Small Websites That Aren’t Ranking Well
I guess they realize that they have screwed up badly!

Use the Google Docs form:-
and get a complaint in fast!

How times change.
I always used to swear by Google, now I swear at it!