Inside – Outside

To those who think they know me, I would tell them that they’re wrong.
From outside looking in one sees only dim surfaces swirling in blackness,
– they can only guess.

The window to my mind, the light within, remain full dark to others
until I choose to open and illuminate, and this, though I would share myself with all,
– happens but seldom.

From inside looking out there is a natural reticence to lay the soul
completely bare, and so expose fragility that lies within
– to other eyes.

I am but the sum of the collection of my thoughts;
those unruly, self-willed, semi-beings that populate my head,
and must be called to order for me to function as I do.
Shall I then share them with you, my friend?

What other measure do we have of trust and friendship
than for each to give the other right to truly say,
– “I know him well!”

Can you begin to imagine how trustworthy God is?

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