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Extreme Measures to Suppress Dissent!

The UK government has taken extreme measures to suppress dissent, although in fact there is no dissent at all. There is only a difference of opinion. But I. G. Mansfield’s opinion carries much more weight after he won the the IEA Brexit Prize, and this was apparently not acceptable.

So, I.G.Mansfield has been Kettled!

First, some background information. From his Linked-In profile we can see that he is currently
Director, UK Trade and Investment at British Embassy, Manila
Education: University of Cambridge
• Wide-ranging policy experience in science, innovation and trade, with an extensive network of contacts across UK Government departments and in …

Iain’s website, which normally resides at http://www.igmansfield.co.uk has been blocked. You may be able to download some PDF files, but that is about all.

The winning essay, entitled Openness not Isolation can be downloaded at

Click to access Brexit%20Entry%20170_final_bio_web.pdf

While not voicing an opinion on whether or not the UK should remain in the EU, the essay does say that an exit, if handled correctly, would not prove to be disastrous, and could even be profitable.

The essay itself is well-written, well researched, and provides a valuable insight into a possible way forward. Unfortunately, it does not conform to the government “spin” on this subject – in fact it demonstrates quite clearly that the government is spouting BS.

It obviously had to go, and its author had to be taken out of circulation!

Unfortunately, the government has again miscalculated. Measures like these also serve to pique interest, especially in people such as myself. I found an earlier version of Iain’s blog at
As this is an archive, I doubt the “Contact” form would be of any use.

In the meantime, we should take extreme measures ourselves to educate the government on the principles underlying Democracy.

Suppressing dissent in this manner is not one of them!