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A Greener World is Coming!

Ofcom’s refusal to recommend air-time for the Green party has caused some major repercussions, among them a boost in Green Party membership of more than 2000 in one day.

The green surge is continuing, with Twibbons being added to people’s avatars for advertising at the micro level.


I have my very own Twibbon now.

A Twibbon, however, is no justification for joining a political party – there has to be more than that!

And exactly that is what I found at http://camstocks.org/medic-just-joined-green-party/, which is why I am re-blogging the whole article here:-


In less than 4 months, the UK will have a new government.

If you believe the papers, the Conservatives will lose seats to UKIP, Labour will edge forward and the Lib Dem’s will be annihilated. We’ll end up with another mish-mash government, punishing the poor and dismantling public services. It doesn’t have to happen that way.

This evening I joined the Green Party.

I had never considered joining a political party until now. That does not mean that I am politically disengaged: quite the opposite. I’ve always tried to stick to debating policy, and keep away from party politics. But today I realised that is not enough; unless there is a change, the pendulum will swing and we’ll have a Labour-led government. Aka, something only slightly better than the current lot.

Here’s why I joined:

I believe in Social Justice, and so do the Greens. The ConDems have proven that they’re about as progressive as Hyacinth Bu-cket, and Labour aren’t far behind. They claim to have reformed, but I don’t buy it.

The Greens are the most trustworthy party for the NHS. Unlike Labour (who want to make the NHS the “preferred market provider“), the Greens have pledged to reverse NHS privatisation where they can. I won’t even bother with the other three parties…

They will stop the cuts and austerity. “Red Ed” wants to carry on…

A genuine living wage for workers. Labour say they will too, but it’s a bit of a joke if we’re still crippled by our rent, health and transport costs and university debt.

University will be free to attend if the Greens have their way. Remember, it was Labour that introduced tuition fees.

The Greens will build affordable housing, rather than demolishing it to rebuild and out-price existing residents, which is what everybody else seems to be keen on.

They will cut subsidies to fossil fuels and fracking, supporting British industry with a wave of new renewable energy projects, and reducing our reliance on imported oil and gas. Denmark and Germany have done it, why are we clinging to the old ways?

Cap bankers’ bonuses. Need I say more? They have a clear commitment to supporting the 99%.

Renationalise the railways, and build local trains and trams. This has been Labour party policy forever, but they don’t seem too keen to act on it.

The Greens are the only party against TTIP, the massive secret trade deal between the USA and Europe, which could leave every Briton £3000 worse off, cement NHS Privatisation and many, many other things…

For balance, here are headline Green Party policies that I do not support:

A blanket ban on animal testing.

Nuclear energy. Nuclear weapons are completely insane, but I think nuclear energy could still have a place in society.

Heard enough? Fancy joining me?


The above thoughts echo my own feelings fairly closely. I will say that I am very pleased that UKIP has done so well so far. Something was badly needed to shake off the complacency of the old two-party system in the UK, and Nigel Farage was the man to do it. Having said that, I do not see UKIP as a government in itself, as there are certainly aspects of its manifesto that I do not agree with.

The Green party, on the other hand, seem much more realistic, have a professional approach to the problems, and a pretty reasonable manifesto, as far as I could see:-

Reform housing benefit to give greater help to poorer tenants and to prevent eviction or repossession of either private tenants or homeowners

Possession, trade and cultivation of cannabis would be immediately decriminalised. Trade in cannabis would be examined by a Royal Commission, with a view to establishing a fully legalised and regulated trade

Genetic engineering
Moratorium on the release of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) into the environment and on the importation of food and feed containing GMOs, pending comprehensive assessment of the technology’s safety

Phase out all “factory farming” and support a transition to small, free-range units, mixed rotational farming and extensive grazing. Would ban battery farming of poultry

Minimise transport of food and other agricultural products by supporting local food distribution and pressing for transport costs, especially air freight, to fully reflect environmental impact

Rules would be “based on the principle of fair and prompt treatment of applicants rather than on excluding dishonest applicants whatever the cost to the honest ones”

Bring railway network back into public hands as franchises expire or if companies break the terms of their agreements

Money would be allocated to schools according to their needs rather than their status. Schools which remain in the private sector would be classed as businesses, have all charitable status removed and pay taxes

Accuses Labour and Tory governments of introducing privatisation by stealth into the NHS. Pledges to “maintain a publicly funded, publicly provided health service”

Targets and timetables for improving efficiency and reducing greenhouse-gas emissions across all sectors. Wants electricity use to be reduced by a third by 2020, by half by 2030 and two-thirds by 2050

End pensioner poverty by introducing a weekly “citizen’s pension” of £170 for a single person and £300 for a couple

National minimum wage to be lifted to living-wage levels and to reach £10 an hour by 2020. Would also “curb boardroom excesses” by linking salaries at the top of companies to pay at the bottom

Wealth tax of up to 2 per cent on the assets of 300,000 people who are worth more than £3m, the country’s richest 1 per cent

Look for the Education.pdf document on their website at http://policy.greenparty.org.uk – impressive!

The choice is ultimately yours, of course, but I have no faith in any of the Conservatives, Lib-Dems or Labour. Cameron cannot be trusted, and constantly makes u-turns. Clegg cannot be trusted either, as he broke a pledge to keep university education free. And Milliband I just don’t see as Prime Minister material. None of these parties will pledge to keep privatisation out of the NHS.

Lets have Spring a little early this year, and make it a greener world now!

I really would like to see somebody commit to getting rid of Trident! Any takers?

A Shot Across the Bows!

The European election is nearly on us, and its time to cast an Anti-Establishment vote.

My previous post “Desperate Times Require Desperate Measures” welcomed the impact of UKIP on the UK political stage, as it has provided the “Shot Across the Bows” to the Conservative, Lib-Dem, and Labour parties that was undoubtedly necessary.
(UKIP’s last billboard poster nearly gets it right, but the clock face should be showing fat cats from big business!)

I did indicate that I was not too sure that UKIP would be up to the job of forming a government in Westminster, and after reading through their Manifesto, I am still of the same opinion. It does lack a vast amount of information on policy towards the rest of the world, as is borne out by the following article:-
All UKIP needs now is a manifesto. Try this

Note that I am not saying that I agree with everything in the article – I don’t – but it is a starting point that could be considered.

One of the biggest things I miss is a definitive statement on blocking the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – a disgusting travesty conceived in total secrecy and designed to IRREVOCABLY remove the last vestiges of democracy from subservient countries.
EU-US trade talks – 5th round to start on 19 May
Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
TTIP: EU and US Prepare to Enhance Global Corporatocracy With Free Trade Deal
Brussels: Water cannons turned on anti-TTIP protesters fighting the Son of ACTA
The lies behind this transatlantic trade deal
‘TTIP will only be to the benefit of industries’
Transatlantic trade talks hit German snag | FT.com

It may be that outside the EU, the UK would automatically escape the brunt of this terrible treaty, but I would much prefer written guarantees than pure conjecture.

The Greens, on the other hand, are quite adamant about Fair Trade, not Free Trade, and will oppose anything which weakens democracy, and allows private companies to take legal action against governments for democratically chosen laws and rules via the I-S dispute settlement mechanism. See their Manifesto, under “Fair Trade, Building a Better Economy”

This article by Richard Heller is also of interest:-
Comment: The Green Party are now the real threat to Labour

On balance, for the imminent EU election, it doesn’t seem to matter which of the two you vote for – The Green Party, or UKIP – but unless Nigel Farage can up his game, and come up with a viable manifesto for the longer term, at the general election I recommend the Green Party.

And what about the Conservatives, the Lib-Dems, and Labour?

Its time to sink them, once and for all!