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Want Gainful Employment? Do Something About It!

It would have been better for all of us if the miserable sinner that came up with the idea of Zero Hours contracts had been shot at birth. Unfortunately, he or she wasn’t, and we are left to deal with the consequences.

Representations have already been made to the British government, but apparently not enough. It seems that we have a case of “the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing” – (something I have long suspected) – and while one part is considering a proposal to outlaw these diabolical devices altogether, another part is insisting that jobseekers must accept them, or lose benefits.

And we pay these idiots?

We must be crazy too!

As far as the government is concerned, even if you have only a Zero Hours contract, you are “employed”, and their unemployment figures look so much better as a result. The fact that you might be starving to death apparently has no bearing on the matter whatsoever.

Now, I am going to give you some links to relevant sources of information. At the end of the list comes a petition that you can sign.

Before you sign the petition, take careful note of the following:-

    1. Do NOT just sign up by filling in the blanks and clicking on “Send”. Key to the success of the Vermonters was the conviction that demands came from real people with real grievances. See my post “Vermont – GM Armour Cracks at Last!”

    2. You have been given an opportunity to contact one of the prime movers in this situation directly – dont waste it

    3. If you don’t like the title, change it to something you would prefer –
    ie. from “Unfair to push jobseekers into zero hours contracts”
    to “Zero Hour Contracts must be Outlawed”

    4. There is apparently no limit (at least I haven’t found one yet) to the amount of text you can write. Use the space to the best advantage for you. If you think that your life story would help, put it in. However, I think your present circumstances would be more relevant to the situation than where you went to school.

    5. Remember, you have the task of convincing a total stranger that you are a real person in need of help. I don’t pretend it will be easy, but do the best you can!

    6. Read this, which came from 38Degrees:

    “Finding work is becoming increasingly hard. Most people just want a job that’s secure with a regular wage. But being forced to take a job on a zero hours contract could jeopardise that. If you don’t know what days you’re working from week to week, it’s hard to arrange interviews for a more secure role.

    Last year lots of 38 Degrees members shared their personal experiences of zero hours contracts. It was pretty shocking. Some had been forced to work extra hours for free. Some were threatened with reduced hours for taking a day off sick. Some were disciplined for questioning these bullying tactics.

    For some, zero hours contracts offer flexibility and the perfect way of working. But for others, ‘flexibility’ actually means job insecurity and exploitation.”

Now for that list:-

Benefits risk to jobseekers refusing zero-hours contracts
Jobseekers face losing benefits if they refuse zero-hours contracts
Zero hours: Update
End abuse of zero hours contracts with no work guarantee – Vince Cable to announce
Jobseekers being forced into zero-hours roles
Number of zero-hours contracts reaches 1.4m

I know its a lot of work, but it has to be done if you want to succeed.

Now the Petition:-

Stop zero hours contracts being forced on jobseekers

After you have done that, start a new petition on 38Degrees:-

Put all Members of Parliament on Zero Hours contracts
and make them Exclusive, so they can’t find work elsewhere!