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The YouTube Attraction

Whatever the merits of a video as a means of conveying information, the YouTube Attraction is a phenomenon. Wildly popular even before the Google takeover, new facilities have been added, and it remains free to the end-user.

For other websites, such as WordPress, YouTube is a valuable external resource. Instead of having to provide storage for untold Gigabytes of video footage, and the bandwidth needed to stream it, they only need to embed the necessary links, and the job is done for them.

I maintain, however, that video is not always the best medium to convey information, especially when it comes to tuition and tutoring via the Internet.

    – Carefully crafted text can reduce, or even obviate, the requirement for pictures.
    – A mixture of text and pictures can be equally as informative as a video
    – Both of the above are easy to navigate if it is necessary to re-read something
    – Both of the above require vastly less resources in storage and bandwidth.
    – To get the ability to navigate a video, you must first download it.

In spite of the above, entrepreneurs insist on providing endless time-wasting sales pitches on video, (YouTube of course). In fact, it is obvious that they want viewers to subscribe to their “YouTube Channel”.

As the value of the content is minimal, there must be value to them elsewhere, so where is it exactly?

The answer came from here:- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/the-filter/virals/10765955/How-to-become-a-YouTube-entrepreneur.html

Its all about the Money!

Google’s (YouTube’s) income comes from advertising. YouTube partners get a percentage of the advertising on their video.

So, how do you become a YouTube Partner?

You can either upload a video which becomes a viral hit overnight, or start your own channel, and upload videos regularly. As long as you are getting lots of viewers to watch them, you are of interest to Google.

I don’t like videos. Most of the ones I have seen are a waste of time, and the value of their content is so small in comparison to the run time.

    – If no run time is visible at all before you start, the video is suspect.
    – If there are no stop/start controls, the video is suspect.
    – If there is no volume control, the video is suspect.

I throw suspect videos away before even looking at them, and recommend that you do the same.

I have no objection to people earning money by providing something of value. I do object most strongly to people wasting my time with garbage. If you come across anything you consider poor value, write to the author and give him/her your opinion. Not only that, spread the word around that a certain video stinks – the anti-viral process!

There is money to be made from garbage, but not at our expense!