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Just for the Record – 2!

The dictionary defines “War of Attrition” as ‘one whose outcome depends on which side can last longer’. In the case of Israel and Palestine, it is patently obvious that Israel, with its overwhelmingly superior forces, and virtually unlimited financial resources, (including those that it steals from the Palestinians), will be the eventual winner.

And to the people that have not yet realised it, I say that although the open warfare may have ended at last August’s cease-fire agreement, the war of attrition has never stopped!

Soldiers Uproot Farmlands In Nablus, Invade Hebron Communities
Torture Of Palestinian Detainees By Israeli Investigators Rises Sharply
Israel kills fisherman and reduces Gaza’s fishing space by 2 miles: Union
On International Women’s Day: 20 Palestinian Woman Still Held Captive By Israeli Occupation
Firing zone used to expand settlements, demolish Palestinian homes
Crushing Flowers: A Report Documenting Violations Against Palestinian Women #WomensDay
Israeli Terrorists Assault Elderly Palestinian Man In The Old City
Israeli Occupation Soldiers Attack Disabled Palestinian Teenager North of Jenin
The sadness of Gaza’s Swedish village
Gaza’s farmers on front lines of perpetual war
Israel demolished 50 Arab homes in the Negev since start of year
Gaza fisherman shot dead by Israeli naval forces
Israeli Occupation Forces Shoot 7-Year-Old Palestinian In Jerusalem
Israeli forces shoot, injure 5 teens near Ramallah
Israeli Occupation Navy Murders Gaza Fisherman
Israeli forces open fire at Palestinians in southern Gaza Strip
Gaza’s farmers on front lines of perpetual war
Settlers torch 2 Palestinian cars near Ramallah
Israeli authorities demolish Bedouin houses in Negev village
Israeli Occupation Forces Open Fire On Gaza Houses, Farmlands
Israeli Occupation Forces Shoot, Injure 2 And Abduct Three Fishermen From Gaza
Israeli Occupation Soldiers Setting Dogs To Attack Palestinian Youth Is Part Of Official Policy
Only five percent of pledged aid reaches Gaza
Displaced Palestinians living in uncertainty in schools
Gaza’s Power Plant shuts down due to fuel shortage
Murder holes and hooligan chants: images of Israel’s war crimes
Israeli forces arrest two shepherds in the South Hebron Hills
Israeli forces shoot, injure 2 fishermen off Gaza coast
Israeli Occupation Naval Gunboats Continue To Target Gaza Fishermen Offshore
Israeli Occupation Denies PLO Officials Entry To West Bank From Gaza
Israeli Occupation To Ethnically Cleanse Bedouin Naqab Village
Israeli Occupation Seals Off Palestinian Stone-Cutting Factory Near Hebron
Israeli Occupation Naval Gunboats Continue To Target Gaza Fishermen Offshore
Absurd! Israeli Occupation Forces Arrest Palestinian Student For Possession Of Geometric Compass
PA pays limited salaries as Israel withholds taxes
Israel police destroy Bedouin agricultural crops in Negev

The above list could have been much longer if I was really looking. In all truth, the plight of the Palestinians is dire, while their oppressors, the Israelis, get away with crimes on a massive scale with no effective restraining influence anywhere in the world.

The situation requires radical action. The occupation of Palestinian land must immediately cease, the freedom of the seas be reinstated, and the theft of Palestinian off-shore resources stopped. Move all Israeli settlers back off Palestinian land, and give the houses to the Palestinians.

It is to be expected that Israeli settlers would violently oppose such a move, extremists that they are. I propose a special area for them – in Antarctica, where they can cool off!

1. There were at least 329 incidents of settler violence against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank in 2014, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.
2. More than 500,000 Israeli settlers live in settlements across the West Bank and East Jerusalem, in contravention of international law.
3. The olive industry supports the livelihoods of roughly 80,000 families in the occupied West Bank.