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The proposed 38Degrees Recall Bill.

38degrees“Hot off the press: our draft recall law is back from the lawyers. It’s the law that would make it possible for voters to sack MPs who have behaved badly. Thousands of 38 Degrees members chipped in to make possible.”

In keeping with normal 38Degrees practice, members are given the chance to voice their opinion on what is being proposed. The main thing is that this draft bill would put the Recall function in the hands of the voters, where it belongs.

“The big difference between their draft law and ours is that theirs puts a committee of MPs in charge – while ours put voters in the driving seat. Our draft law has a lot of detail. Several MPs and other organisations, like Unlock Democracy and Taxpayers Alliance, have also been involved. This is to make sure that the government can’t ignore it by saying it wouldn’t work in practice.”

“The more people who fill in the poll, the more likely MPs will listen to us, as we’ll be representing the wishes of the people they need to listen to, their voters.”

“The sooner we’ve approved our draft law – the better position we’ll be in to stop the government pushing through their sorry excuse for a recall law.”

If you need more detail, there are two sources of information:-
1. A description from their blog at RECALL DRAFT BILL

2. a PDF file of the full draft text at Recall of MPs Bill (Draft)

Do take the trouble to fully inform yourselves, then fill in the quick poll at:-

We don’t want half-measures here – we need to get this right!