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Commonsense Prevails!

WordPress has now removed the requirement for 2-step authentication, thank goodness!

I would like to think that this is a rational decision on WordPress’ part, but I get the impression that there were a lot of unhappy bloggers apart from myself who contributed pressure to get this removed, (see previous post).

I note also that there are requests from people on how to remove 2-step authentication once it has been implemented, so I guess that there were other problems involved with it anyway.

Be that as it may, I now find I have access to both Zero to Hero and Blogging 201, which certainly gives me a problem. The application forms certainly were screwed up – I didn’t expect that both would be available. This may be due to the fact that response to an application was not instantaneous as we now expect from email.

While I am on this subject, I would like to give you my philosophy on sharing personal information on the Internet:-



If someone wants your email address before they let you access a free download, walk away from it. They are collecting email addresses for their own purposes, which usually involve money for them, and annoyance for you.

If someone asks for your mobile phone number, this will be tied into your personal profile, (yes, of course there is one), it enables others to follow what you are doing more easily, and increases the value of data they can sell on.

If someone asks for details of your credit card, and wants direct access to your bank account, you are putting your life in their hands – and you don’t even know who they are!

What are you going to do if you have an account with Paypal, for example, and Paypal gets hacked, and all its customers’ data stolen?

Its down to you to save yourself before your account is drained by persons unknown!

From experience I can say that there are more sharks on land than there are in the sea.

Don’t get bitten – it could be fatal!