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How do you rate your Politicians?

There is nothing like a good crisis to bring out the best, or worst, in people, and Gaza has been a testing ground for British politicians like no other. We are all different, and you may have a different opinion than I, but here is my take on the subject!

1st place:-

Lady Warsi

Lady Warsi – this one has balls! – one of the very few with the sheer guts to follow their convictions, and expose British government policy for the rubbish it really is.

2nd place:-


Ed Milliband – finally got so exasperated that he described Israel’s incursion into Gaza as “wrong and unjustifiable”.
There is still some debate as to whether he has balls or not, as, being Jewish, nobody is going to throw the Anti-Semitism label at him, and he still seems to think that Palestinians have no right to defend themselves.

The Also-Ran:-


Cameron – the original gutless wonder! Hasn’t got the balls to make his own statement – has to endorse someone else’s – a disgusting person!

Expulsion to Gaza would do wonders for his education!

Crawling out of the woodwork:-


Chris Grayling – The Appeaser-in-chief – accuses Milliband of undermining the Middle East peace effort by being “ultra-critical” of Israel.

Who is this silly man? Justice Secretary? Don’t know him – banish him to Gaza too!