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Reducing Points of Friction!

Where there are differences of opinion, of culture, of religious belief and custom, there will always be points of friction – some of which may be insignificant enough to be overlooked, but others which are so flagrant that local, and even international laws are being broken.

I remember a test case in the UK, many years ago now, turbanwhen the requirement for motorcyclists to wear a crash helmet became law. Sikhs had a problem with that, for they wore turbans on religious grounds, and refused to wear crash helmets.

It took about 3 years of legal wrangling to iron out the problem. The result was an exemption for the Sikhs on religious grounds. See

Although an acceptable compromise was eventually reached, (at some unknown cost to the taxpayer), it would not have been necessary at all if there had been no Sikh motorcyclists in the UK. The point here being that immigration leads to problems that are usually not anticipated, and have to be sorted out at taxpayer expense.
Another such problem, but much more significant, and one that will not be resolved by compromise, is that of FGM, (Female Genital Mutilation).

Authorities have been aware that female children have been sent abroad to be “Fixed” for some time now, and keep a look-out at departure points for possible victims. This terrible practice contravenes not only national laws, but also Human Rights.

Now we are getting news that the situation is being reversed, and a “cutter” is being flown in to deal with multiple victims at “FGM Parties”, and then being flown out again. See http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/may/06/female-genital-mutilation-parties-uk-mps

This is one party that you do NOT want an invitation to!

And who pays for cleaning up the mess?

Why we do, of course!

“The MPs also heard evidence that 75 to 80 women were undergoing FGM reversal operations in Britain each year.”

Perhaps not so serious in itself, but definitely a problem that is much more “in your face” and widespread, is that of the “Burka”, or the requirement for Muslim women to cover themselves almost completely when out in public view. See “What it’s really like to be a Muslim woman in Britain
I could understand it if people feel threatened when confronted by a person that is deliberately hiding their identity so completely. My first reaction to seeing such a person is shock, which is quickly followed by pity, for having to wear such garments in warmer weather can only be very uncomfortable.

It is also a symbol of male dominance for most people, which far exceeds the boundaries of the requirement for equality of sexes, although the person concerned may not feel oppressed at all because of their upbringing and culture.

And lastly on this subject, (for now), we have the problem of young ladies who have just started menstruating, at about 14 years of age. In some cultures, they are old enough to marry, which is in itself alarming. Worse, however, is the fact that there are people in the UK who are prepared to perform such a ceremony, which would be in blatant contravention of UK law.

We are seeing the ramifications of an ill-conceived immigration policy that, while intending to improve economic status in the short term, completely ignored possible long-term effects. Similar mistakes have been made in Germany, and no doubt in other countries.

Looking one generation further ahead, where Christianity is likely to become a minority religion in the UK, a short term economic gain will have translated into a loss of the complete country. See Subversion? – Keep one eye on the Big Picture!

This could be construed as “Winning the battle, but losing the War” – not at all the intended outcome, I presume!

It is time to consider serious measures to reduce points of friction.

Repatriation may be one of our best choices!