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Lets Hear it for People Power!

People Power is a watchword in the Philippines, where the Edsa revolution of 1986 brought the government down.Edsa

In China, however, Tiananmen Square is not a happy memory of success, but a stark reminder of what can happen when things go drastically wrong.

In either case, a revolution is an extremely disruptive event, which, under normal circumstances we would strive to avoid if at all possible.

This is certainly possible. We use the PETITION!

Petitions used to be very difficult to organise; slow, bulky, (boxes and boxes of paper), and always prone to challenges. Had signatures been duplicated, were petitioners actually who they said they were, etc.?

The power of the mouse has changed all that!

The on-line petition may be open to the same challenges as the paper ones, but they are fast to organise, easy to sign up to, and above all peacefully effective.

There is no chance of recrimination – nobody can label you as a terrorist for signing a petition – and the minimum number of signatures can be reached in only a couple of days.

This means that petitions can be used in response to changing events, and are as near to real-time reaction as we can currently achieve.

Let me introduce you to the petitions I use!

Avaaz, which with a membership of over 35 million, has worldwide reach, and 38Degrees, which is UK oriented only. I have asked for information on current membership.

    Both are funded exclusively by members, so there is no unwarranted interference from anywhere.
    Both allow you to start your own petition, and will help you with it if needed.
    Both are run democratically, with regular polls to decide future direction.

To put this in perspective, Avaaz membership at the moment is about the same as the current population of Canada, and more than the population of 205 other countries on the list (Wikipedia).

Imagine what 35 million likeminded souls can achieve when they really go for it!

What can you do?

Sign up to Avaaz if you are not in the UK. If you are in the UK, sign up to both!

38Degrees already has the respect of various MP’s, and gets thing done!

The power of AVAAZ is already legendary!

Once you get to a million signatures, things start to happen!