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Charlie Hebdo”s vault into the Limelight.

A week ago, I suspect like most of the world’s population, I knew nothing whatsoever of Charlie Hebdo – a satirical magazine produced in Paris. The savage murder of 12 of its staff was indeed a deplorable action, the result of which was to bring people together in retaliation and defiance, and to blast the name Charlie Hebdo around the world.

If the intention of the attack was to avenge the Prophet for Charlie Hebdo’s satire of him, it failed miserably. It has in fact engendered defiance, it has welded the French nation together like nothing ever before, and drawn most of the world in support of France. And the magazine’s circulation has multiplied by a factor of about 15, apparently, if all 3 million of the new issue to be printed are sold.

There will, of course be repercussions. Already there is muttering in the UK of the “Snooper’s Charter” being brought in after the next election, which will be fought tooth and nail as being too restrictive for most Internet users, and a violation of their rights.

In general, not being a lover of satirical cartoons, I do not deliberately look for them. But one, however, did claim my attention completely. It says everything, even in death!


The Finger!

It is probably also the right thing to send to Kraft, who have provoked the ire of the British public by interfering with the recipe and reducing the size of the Cadbury’s Cream Egg.
See The Cadbury’s Creme Egg scandal: how to stage a chocolate revolution.