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1. Access to WordPress

It has been a frustrating week, with access to WordPress being intermittent, or non-existent – hence the lack of posts. I am hoping that with an update to my browser that at least some of the problems have been resolved. Its good to be back – I’ve missed you!

I did find other options to get to my blog, but I won’t detail those unless it becomes necessary.

2. Introducing a new friend.
I mentioned previously that I had to change to the latest version of Opera, which entailed the loss of an important facility – the Data Transfer Rate indication. Since then, I have managed to find an alternative – “Bitmeter2” – which does the job I need very nicely. It is a free program from Rob Dawson, a freelance software developer from Manchester in the UK, who has done an excellent job with this!

You want one too? Go here!

3. The Real Horrors of Gaza.

What you may see in the media is often bad enough, but usually will not depict the full brutality of the situation, as such pictures are too gruesome for general use.

If you want to see what is really happening to those poor people, it is superbly documented in both poetry and picture by http://palestinerose.wordpress.com/

Just be prepared for the reality!

4. Whichever way you turn – Fracked!

Despite all the protest and uproar, the government is intent on ignoring the wishes of the public, and doing what the hell it wants – again!

Half of Britain to be opened up to fracking

However, no damage has actually been done yet, so there is still time to work on the problem, and try to avert disaster.

Need options? Try the following:-
Frack Off – Extreme Energy Action Network
British Anti-Fracking Action Network
Sign now for a Frack-Free UK!

(PS. For the last one, you will have to enter a valid-looking phone number, they check!)