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Pesticides? Use Your Loaf, Minimise Your Intake!

PAN_logoFor those unfamiliar with the expression, “use your loaf”, it means “use your head, use your brain – Think!”

It seems that we no longer have a choice over whether we consume pesticides or not. GM companies like Monsanto have been pushing hard to get the residual content of their pesticides in the harvested crop increased. The results are now plain to see.

Over 60% of breads sold in the UK contain pesticide residues, tests show
Loaf-threatening: More than half of British breads contain ‘toxic’ pesticides

The chemicals in question are “Roundup” (Glyphosate), a defoliant, “Chlormequat”, a plant growth regulator, and “Malathion”, an insecticide.


The average figure for pesticide residues in non-organic bread from 2000 to 2013 is 61.49% – much higher than the overall figure for pesticides residues in all produce combined which is approximately 40%. Disturbingly, pesticide residues in bread have risen from 28.24% in 2001 to 63.43% in 2013. That would equate to three out of every five non-organic bread products you buy. In 2005, we see a huge peak of 80% of all bread tested contained residues, which would be four in every five.
(Taken from

I think most of us are convinced by now that these chemicals are not doing us any good at all!

But just in case there are a few of you that are still undecided, you can do your own research at the following links:-

And according to Pesticide Action Network, bread is not the only source of concern. See
Pesticides on a Plate

For those of you that are prepared to take the risk, carry on as if you had never seen this post at all!

For those of you that wish to protect themselves, and especially those who are considering starting a family, eating organic food would be an excellent choice.

The alternative – a starvation diet –
is not recommended!


Purely for Profit, or Hidden Motives?

ROUNDUP-2Products containing Glyphosate are worldwide money-spinners for their manufacturers. As these products are Defoliants, and not just weed killers, they can only be used on crops that have been genetically engineered to withstand them. However, Glyphosate is not the only component of these proprietary products, and the combination with other aggressive chemicals is more injurious to human health.

It is very worrying that manufacturers have been pressing for higher allowances of their product as a residual component in the crops produced, and furthermore that these higher allowances have been supported by the FDA.

It has also been maintained that Glyphosate does not accumulate in the human body, but evidence is coming forward to show that this is patently not the case. In fact, it seems clear that even sucklings can no longer be protected from the effects of these chemicals, as they are present in their mother’s breastmilk. See:-
World’s Number 1 Herbicide Discovered in U.S. Mothers’ Breast Milk

So, not only are we at risk from the effects from GM foods themselves, we are also at risk from the ingestion of chemicals used in their production. And all with the support of the US government!

If you wanted to find a bio-weapon that was slow-acting, and difficult to pinpoint as the cause of a world-wide epidemic of misery and suffering leading to early death, you need look no further –
its already here!

All this could change!

It seems the dragon has finally awoken, and is taking notice. It is not pleased with what it sees!
We Must Face the Harm Caused by Imported GM Soybeans to 1.3 Billion Chinese People

“China is the homeland of soybeans. Before 1994, China was a net export nation of soybeans. Since 1995, China began to import soybeans. Thereafter, the import volume began to rapidly rise. In 2010, the import volume reached 50 million tons; in 2012, China imported 63.38 million tons, accounting for 80% of China’s soybean market.”

“The GM soybeans imported by China mainly are the glyphosate-tolerant Roundup Ready (RR) soybeans developed by the transnational company Monsanto. Roundup is a patented herbicide introduced by Monsanto in the 70s, which has special kinship with Agent Orange used by the American military during the Vietnam war. Roundup’s main active composition is glyphosate, mixed with toxic surfactants, like POEA.”

“During the past 20 years, the health level of the Chinese people has rapidly deteriorated with various diseases rapidly increasing. The situation is shocking.”

The paper shows that members of the Chinese Government have now realized that GM soybeans are causing health damage to their population, which may lead to a looming total ban on all GM soybean imports.

Just the strong signal that we need!

Monsanto + USAID = Global Coercion!

It has long been apparent that Monsanto has the full support of the US government in the thrust for control of the world’s food supplies. The latest news on this matter comes from El Salvador, where the government is being pressured to purchase GM seeds from Monsanto by withholding $277 million in aid.

My first information on this came from –
US pressures El Salvador to buy Monsanto’s GMO seeds

which in turn refers to an article on Sustainable Pulse –
U.S. Government Ties El Salvador USD 277 M Aid Package to Monsanto’s GMO Seeds

“The President of the El Salvadoran Center for Appropriate Technologies (CESTA), Ricardo Navarro, has demanded that the U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador, Mari Carmen Aponte, stops pressurizing the Government of El Salvador to buy Monsanto’s GM seeds rather than non-GMO seeds from domestic suppliers.”

Navarro knows that GM seeds are only of benefit to U.S. multinationals and would be to the detriment of local seed production in El Salvador.

According to Sustainable Pulse, Monsanto has no qualms about outright deception or bio-piracy, and the abuse of Patent law. See this article –
Monsanto Slammed for ‘Fraudulent’ EU Patent on Non-GMO Tomatoes

“Because crossing tomatoes is not patentable, Monsanto deliberately rephrased the patent during the period of examination to make it appear as if genetic engineering was involved. However, careful reading of the patent shows that this is simply fraudulent.”

With US government support, it is clear that Monsanto is not going away any time soon. It will be a long and protracted battle to minimise the worldwide damage caused by this company.

What can we do to help?

I have added Sustainable Pulse and RT to my list of Hotlinks. I suggest that you bookmark Sustainable Pulse if you wish to be kept up-to-date with the GM situation.

In the meantime, there are two links that you can use directly:-
Support the El Salvadoran Government in their fight against Monsanto
Contact the USDA in El Salvador Directly to Make Your Voice Heard

Lets give El Salvador the support they deserve!

MAM – The UK Media Silence is Deafening!

How did this one slip through? There was no mention at all of the Worldwide March Against Monsanto (MAM) on any of the BBC, the Telegraph or the Guardian. I wouldn’t have known anything about it until it was too late if it hadn’t been for this:-
Global anti-GMO action: People unite against Monsanto dominance
What is on earth is our media doing?

    Have they given in to GMO’s and accepted them for a fact of life now?
    Have they been lulled into a sense of false security by our badger-hating Environment Secretary?
    Has the government imposed a blanket “Don’t Publish” order on the subject?

I don’t accept any of the above. Nor do I accept that they have been too busy with the election. That has already slipped down the page, and the BBC is still serving up pages from years ago.

This is far too important an issue to let slip by default!

Recommended Action.

If we cannot rely on our media, we can take action ourselves. Go to “March Against Monsanto“, and inform yourself. Unfortunately, there appear to be no actions whatsoever in the UK, and it is now too late to organise anything useful.

The media have really let us down on this one!

If we can’t participate this time round, we can prepare for future actions by signing up for the newsletter.

Then the media can go whistle!

Must Reads!

I’m very sorry about this, but I don’t have time to make detailed comment on the articles referenced below, but they are important enough to bring to your attention.

I sincerely hope that you can find the time to read them thoroughly!

Monsanto, Syngenta and Bayer CropScience: The GMO Biotech Sector can’t win the Scientific Debate. Co-optation, Deception and Collusion

Police State and Mounting Poverty in Britain: David Cameron’s Concept of a “Big Society” is Continuing Jesus’ work

Every coalition U-turn: the list in full

Public service cuts deepen as councils near financial tipping point

Hospitals need thousands of extra nurses ‘or patients’ safety will be at risk’

I fear that we are documenting the demise of the UK!

Vermont – GM Armour Cracks at Last!

The state of Vermont has become the first state in the USA to pass a law requiring the appropriate labeling of genetically modified foods.

A multi-state trigger, such as those contained in laws passed by Connecticut and Maine, was rejected out-of-hand as being “close to meaningless.” It was all or nothing!

I have to make it clear at this point that I don’t know enough of the details to say why this has happened. I will therefore take a guess, and point you to some sources where you can gather information and form your own opinion.

In spite of the fact that most Americans want to know if they are eating GM foods, (93% according to a national New York Times poll in January 2013), the GM companies have hitherto been successful in blocking legislation requiring labeling by throwing money at the problem.

There has been a low-key campaign in Vermont against GM since 1990. Its almost as if the “lobbyists handbook” has been pressed into service, and the population has turned into activists en masse. Legislators were flooded with phone calls, emails and postcards urging them to pass the bill.

Veteran lawmakers who typically are unimpressed by the deluge of rote form letters they receive for various causes found that these messages came from real people they knew in their communities.

This resulted in two important conclusions:- “individual rights are more important than an industry’s rights'”, and “Boy this is real. They want this”.

“This vote is a reflection of years of work from a strong grass-roots base of Vermonters who take their food and food sovereignty seriously and do not take kindly to corporate bullies,” Will Allen, manager of Cedar Circle Farm in Thetford, said in a statement Wednesday after the House approved the bill.

Vermont has a history of being the state that is a ‘little bit different’. For example, “In 1968 Vermont outlawed the use of billboards for advertisement along its roads. It is the only state in the nation that has done this.” (Wikipedia).

With the passing of the bill to require labeling for genetically modified foods, they are certainly maintaining this tradition!

Thunderous Applause for the Vermonters!

Information sources:-

Now go and do thou likewise!

The GM Stakes – France: 1, UK: 0

The French parliament bans cultivation of GM maize
What is it about the French? They have a long history of effective protest against GM foods, which will shortly culminate in an outright ban on the cultivation of GM Maize in the country. This includes current offerings and future varieties, even though they may be later adopted by the EU.

This is a very sensible approach, as I have tried to convey in both

The Brits, on the other hand, are still procrastinating. Not only are they failing to read the writing on the wall, they are apparently more susceptible to the blandishments of lobbyists and big business. MP’s seem to be more interested in prolonging the idiocy of a stylised, antiquated system, (viz. the pandemonium that ensues during PMQ’s), than attending to the needs of the population in general.

I consider the Westminster Hot Air Machine (Parliament) to be a significant factor leading to global warming and climate change. If they don’t read the writing on the wall very soon, it will be too late – the wall will have disappeared under floodwater! (Along with the Drigg Low-Level Waste Repository (LLWR)), see

There are none so blind as those that will not see!

New GM Trials in UK? – No – Its GaMe Over!

There are new calls for GM trials in the UK, but they are completely misguided. This is like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, and the stable is already burning to the ground.

Not only does this discount the fact that the GM euphoria in the USA is over, see – and
but it also ignores the medical evidence that Glyphosate, and even more so Roundup, present an ever-present health risk to humans when found in the food chain – even at minimal levels.

The latest information I have on this comes from The Institute of Science in Society, and can be found at
A fully referenced and illustrated version of this article is posted on ISIS members website and is otherwise available for download (You will need to pay for this!)

I reproduce only the paragraph headers here – they should be more than enough to make you sit up and take notice:-

    1. “The infertility timebomb: are men facing extinction?”
    2. Infertility trend associated with testicular germ cell cancer, congenital malformations & low testosterone
    3. Age-independent testosterone decline reflects rise in glyphosate use with GM crops
    4. Roundup more damaging than glyphosate
    5. Acute Roundup exposure at very low concentrations kills cells in the immature testis
    6. Detailed mechanisms of action identified
    7. Oxidative stress and endocrine disrupting effects specific to Roundup

If you want more detail on this, you could look at my previous post “Are Our Farmers Poisoning Us?”. You will find the link in the Post Finder in the top menu bar above.

If you really want to improve matters, start campaigning to stop Pre-Harvest Desiccation using Roundup.

And last, but by no means least, look at the report entitled “Seeds of Doubt – North American farmers’ experiences of GM crops” produced by the Soil Association. You can download the PDF file yourself at:-

I reproduce a part of the conclusion here for convenience:-

“The findings show that GM crops would obstruct the UK government from meeting its public commitments and policy
objectives: to ensure that the expansion of organic farming is not undermined by the introduction of GM crops and that farming should be competitive and meet consumer requirements.

Now let’s have enough of this nonsense. Its GaMe Over!

Stupidity or Deception?

David Cameron has stated “It is time to look again at GM food”, and that he wanted to foster a “pro-science culture” in the UK.

Thr Environment secretary, Owen Paterson is just as bad.

“I believe that GM offers great opportunities but I also recognise that we owe a duty to the public to reassure them that it is a safe and beneficial innovation.”

Sorry Owen, reassurances just don’t cut it. We insist on cast iron guarantees. Its our health and future you are toying with!

“Last year farmers lost £1.3billion from poor harvests and higher feed bills for cattle, making the need for new technology even more urgent.”

Not surprising at all, considering the miserable summers involved. However, the technology needed is to combat climate change, not to grow GM food!

And what of the science that you are talking about? Where is it? If you are referring to advertising guff from GM companies, you can pack your bags now and go home! The peer reviewed scientific reports on GM foods I find all point to the fact that GM foods do not live up to the claims made by their proponents.

Take this, for example;-

“GM agriculture is failing on all counts while hazards to health and the environment are coming to light. Opposition to GMOs is gaining momentum worldwide but the expansionist GM corporate agenda continues undiminished. GM agriculture is a recipe for disaster as this report will make clear. It is also standing in the way of the shift to sustainable agriculture already taking place in local communities all over the world that can truly enable people to feed themselves in times of climate change. Take action now to ban environmental releases of GMOs, locally in communities, villages, towns, municipalities, regions, as well as nationally and globally. We the people need to reclaim our food and seed sovereignty from the corporate empire before they destroy our food and farming irreversibly.”

This is the header from the page at

I urge you to read the Executive Summary in full. If you want the whole report, it can be ordered from their website.

Furthermore, there is a comparison of agricultural performance over the last 50 years from Professor Heinemann’s team at the
University of Canterbury – Christchurch, New Zealand.

Researcher says GM a failing biotechnology

“We found that the combination of non-GM seed and management practices used by western Europe is increasing corn yields faster than the use of the GM-led packages chosen by the US.”

“Our research showed rapeseed (canola) yields increasing faster in Europe without GM than in the GM-led package chosen by Canada and decreasing chemical herbicide and even larger declines in insecticide use without sacrificing yield gains, while chemical herbicide use in the US has increased with GM seed.”

“Europe has learned to grow more food per hectare and use fewer chemicals in the process. The American choices in biotechnology are causing it to fall behind Europe in productivity and sustainability.”

If we start to look at soil degradation problems in the US, we will probably find some of the answers to lower yields and increased fertiliser requirement. What it amounts to is simply that US farmers are not as good as those in Europe!

Of course, if this is all deception, it begins to make some sense. Promoting GM food is the same as promoting wider control of the food chain via patents. If it is control you are seeking, go back to your US masters and tell them “No Deal”.

No, Mr.Cameron. Show me your science, or go away. I take nothing from you on trust any more!

By the way, we are fully aware of your “Do as I say, not as I do” attitude, and it won’t wash.
GM foods kept off the menu at Westminster

And one last little snippet:-
“Mr Paterson also stressed that modified crops were safe, relying on reassuring verdicts produced by the pro-GM European Commission. But his assurances were immediately undermined when Downing Street refused both to endorse them or – despite being invited to do so 10 times – to say whether the Prime Minister and his family would eat GM foods.”

Bon appetit!

Are Our Farmers Poisoning Us?

I knew there was a problem – I could see it. I could also see the probable cause, but the link between them had eluded me for quite a few days. Now I think I have it. I found the missing dots!

We know that exposure to Glyphosate leads immediately health problems in animals and humans. It can also easily lead to death, as is evidenced by data on Japanese suicides who were successful – they took enough of it to do the trick. Japanese researchers analysing suicides have found that drinking 3/4 of a cup (200 ml) of commercial glyphosate products is fatal. See Monsanto’s Toxic Herbicide Glyphosate: A Review of its Health and Environmental Effects

For those that didn’t take enough, they are left with serious health problems, see:- Glyphosate poisoning.

“Accidental ingestion of glyphosate formulations is generally associated with only mild, transient, gastrointestinal features. Most reported cases have followed the deliberate ingestion of the concentrated formulation of Roundup (41% glyphosate as the IPA salt and 15% POEA). There is a reasonable correlation between the amount ingested and the likelihood of serious systemic sequelae or death. Advancing age is also associated with a less favourable prognosis. Ingestion of >85 mL of the concentrated formulation is likely to cause significant toxicity in adults. Gastrointestinal corrosive effects, with mouth, throat and epigastric pain and dysphagia are common. Renal and hepatic impairment are also frequent and usually reflect reduced organ perfusion. Respiratory distress, impaired consciousness, pulmonary oedema, infiltration on chest x-ray, shock, arrythmias, renal failure requiring haemodialysis, metabolic acidosis and hyperkalaemia may supervene in severe cases. Bradycardia and ventricular arrhythmias are often present pre-terminally. Dermal exposure to ready-to-use glyphosate formulations can cause irritation and photo-contact dermatitis has been reported occasionally; these effects are probably due to the preservative Proxel (benzisothiazolin-3-one). Severe skin burns are very rare. Inhalation is a minor route of exposure but spray mist may cause oral or nasal discomfort, an unpleasant taste in the mouth, tingling and throat irritation. Eye exposure may lead to mild conjunctivitis, and superficial corneal injury is possible if irrigation is delayed or inadequate. Management is symptomatic and supportive, and skin decontamination with soap and water after removal of contaminated clothing should be undertaken in cases of dermal exposure.

We also know that GM products, or the chemicals that are involved with them, cause serious problems both in humans and animals, as I previously documented in Evidence Against GM Accumulates! The thing that was puzzling me was that why should the final product be causing such problems. The chemicals are normally applied so early in the growing season that normal rainfall should have washed most of the problem away – but no, this was patently not the case.

Then I came across a reference to “Pre-Harvest Desiccation”, and I was immediately alert. This sounded as though it could be a clue.

What is Pre-harvest Desiccation exactly?

“If crops can not fully mature due to excessive rain, as was the case in the summer of 2011, herbicides are used to bring the crops to maturity by means of a “deathspray”. The method facilitates the drying of the crops as well as removing all weeds for the next sowing period, and has become common for the harvest of potatoes, cereals, canola and pulses.” See Monsanto watch

and Glyphosate found in people’s urine: Full article

“Death-spray before Harvests

Glyphosate probably entered human populations over the past 10 years through its increasing presence in daily foods such as meat and dairy products, vegetable and fruit produce and grains products. Glyphosate laced genetically modified Roundup soya which enters the animal food chain, is only one of the risk factors. Even more dangerous now is the increasing use of herbicides in the EU over the past several years for the desiccation of entire stocks of harvestable crop. “Spraying crops to death”, as desiccation should be more aptly called, means that herbicides are being sprayed directly on the crops shortly before they are to be harvested to facilitate the harvest by uniformly killing off all living plants (including the crops) on the field. If crops can not fully mature due to excessive rain, as was the case in the summer of 2011, herbicides are used to bring the crops to maturity by means of a “death-spray”. The method facilitates the drying of the crops as well as removing all weeds for the next sowing period, and has become common for the harvest of potatoes, cereals, canola and pulses. For potatoes, spraying herbicides on the field immediately before harvest (2.5 l/ha), hardens the skin and reduces susceptibility to late blight and germination, which improved the potatoes shelf life. Active compounds of the herbicide directly enter the potato through the leaves; however, decomposition of the poison takes place in the body of the consumer.”

Pre-harvest desiccation is carried out a few days before harvesting the crop – the exact period depends on the crop being grown, but for wheat it is 7 days. The time at which spraying occurs is most probably the hottest and driest time of the year, so the chances of chemicals being diluted by rain are very remote. Consequently, as Monsanto are recommending Roundup as a suitable desiccant, they want the allowable Glyphosate residues in food to be increased. Hence “Monsanto has applied to increase the EU’s permitted Maximum Residue Level (MRL) for its best-selling herbicide glyphosate in lentils. Proposals before the EU would mean increasing the current legal residue level by 100-150 times. The chemical is widely used on GM crops and elsewhere for weed control and to dry crops prior to harvest.”

And –

“The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) issued a “reasoned opinion” in January 2012 supporting Monsanto’s request to raise the MRL in lentils and recommended a level of 10 or even 15 mg/kg (a potential 150-fold increase on the current MRL). MRLs for other crops on which glyphosate is routinely applied while growing, such as wheat and GM soya, have already been granted similarly elevated MRLs by the EU.”

In other words, an increase in chemical load in the food chain is just being “waved through” by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)!

Unfortunately, the basis for EFSA’s deliberations seem to be at variance with other information on the combined effects of Glyphosate, surfactants, and the other chemicals in the Roudup formula. In particular;-

“The researchers found that the presence of the other chemical ingredients in Roundup formulations, such as POEA, actually amplified glyphosate’s toxic effects. The toxicities of the Roundup formulations were not proportional to the amount of glyphosate they contained, and are most likely due to POEA and other as yet undisclosed ingredient(s) present in all the formulations. POEA by itself is much more toxic than the Roundup formulations, while AMPA is more toxic than glyphosate.”

Aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA)
Polyethoxylated tallow amine (POEA)

See Death by Multiple Poisoning, Glyphosate and Roundup for more detail.

Monsanto must be laughing all the way to the bank. They get to use Roundup on all sorts of non-gm crops, and their sales must be going up leaps and bounds.

Who pays the bill? We do, with our health!

Unfortunately, the whole concept of pre-harvest desiccation is government sanctioned. In Ireland:- Cereals Management

Pre-harvest desiccation of cereals
Growers should consider desiccating their cereals with a pre-harvest treatment of glyphosate, both as an aid to harvesting and as a means of controlling perennial weeds (e.g. scutch) in following crops.

And in the UK:- Pesticide Residue Minimisation

“During the mid 1980s, it was discovered that glyphosate could be applied to grass weeds prior to harvesting the cereal crop. Application at this time had no adverse effects on the crop, but was effective at killing grass weeds such as black-grass. Pre-harvest glyphosate is also an effective treatment for the control of potato volunteers in wheat crops. Treatment of crops pre-harvest also improved the efficiency of harvesting. Glyphosate is now used as a pre-harvest desiccant for cereals and 12% of GB wheat crops were treated in 2002. Its primary use is to promote even and rapid ripening. Information on the manufacturer’s website ( states that glyphosate can improve the Hagberg Falling Number (a key indicator of bread-making quality) by reducing the proportion of green grains, reduce the moisture content of the harvested grain and reduce losses at combining. Other benefits stated by the manufacturer include lower mycotoxin levels in store due to the drier grain, weed control, earlier harvest, and a longer harvest window.

Ok, so what is the result? See for yourselves!

Glyphosate in Monsanto’s Roundup Found in All Urine Samples Tested
Herbicides found in Human Urine

The people being investigated have nothing to do with agriculture, and the problem is coming through the normal food chain.

What are we going to do about it?

There are some glimmers of dissent to be found:-
In Canada, Reglone Dessiccant is the only product registered for the explicit purpose of desiccating crops. Herbicide Options to Enhance Harvesting FAQ
However, Reglone is comprised of Diquat Dibromide, which has its own problems, of course.
“Ontario’s lawns, gardens, school yards and parks are a lot healthier since the province’s cosmetic pesticides ban came into effect on Earth Day, April 22, 2009.”

But the shining star in our heaven is Switzerland, which has a complete ban on pre-harvest desiccants!

But I shouldn’t rush to emigrate just yet. Switzerland has to import a large percentage of its food, and of course, the imports are contaminated!