Its “Make Your Mind Up” Time!

Its time for each of us to make a momentous decision:- either to accept the fact that climate change will eventually make the earth we live on uninhabitable, or not to accept it, and fight as hard as we can to prevent it happening.

If your choice is to accept, then congratulations. You need read no further, you have saved yourself some valuable time, which I am sure you can put to better use, and go back to sleep.

If you choose not to accept it, and are prepared to fight, then you should get busy immediately.

Take stock of your current lifestyle, and itemise everything in it. Once you have a long list, you should prioritise it, and I suggest that you first divide the list into 2 parts:-

1. Essential for your continued survival, and
2. Non-essential, but nice-to-have.

Under item 1 would come things like basic foods, drinks, clothing, housing, public transportation, and, where necessary further education, for example.

Under item 2 would come such things as following fashion, trips to the pub, holidays abroad, (no flying), a car, alcohol, cigarettes, a television, air conditioning.

Of course, the first thing you would probably say is that “life would be so boring”, and this is true – until you change it yourself. Change your attitude, start positive thinking, get a computer and become an activist. When you start to place value on different aspects of life than before, it all starts to open up. Life is in fact a challenge, and you need to find out if you are up to it!

I have always ignored fashion, so for me there is no change required.

After 50 years of smoking, I gave it up completely – about 3 years ago now. Sometimes, the body gives us an indication that all is not well, and we need to make changes. If you are unlucky, it is cancer, and your term on this earth is probably very limited. I was more fortunate:- Burgers Disease, which can be managed with tablets fairly readily.

I haven’t had a vehicle for years. Its one better than #NotInMyTank: – #IDontHaveATank. I use public transport, or walk. I enjoy walking, and after cycling it is my favourite form of exercise.

I also stopped drinking. My excuse for that was “to help me get to sleep at night”, but if you are drinking beer to do it – it doesn’t work. You are out of bed so many times to pass urine, that the benefit is totally lost. You can, as I did, substitute rum or some other spirit for beer, but then you put your liver at risk as well. The answer is to give it up completely. When you are tired, you will sleep anyway, so where’s the problem?

I refuse to use air-conditioning – a  simple fan has to be enough! Air-con removes much of the water vapour from the air, and for those who are sensitive, a humidifier will also be required – using yet more energy!

Now, take a closer look at the second part of the list – the items you have deemed “nice-to-have”. Can you prioritise it further? Can you divide it into 3 columns:-

2.1 – I want to keep this at all costs
2.2 – This I can manage without sooner or later
2.3 – This I can get rid of straight away

The more items you have in column 2.3 the better, and the sooner you can get rid of them, the better it will be for the planet!

The items in 2.2 are also important. Check this list every week, and see if you are ready to remove another one from it.

The items in 2.1 are a bit of a problem. They are not essential to your continued existence, but you won’t let them go. Perhaps if you realise that you are causing us all problems with this refusal, it will put the matter into a different perspective for you. Check this list every week, and see if you can move anything to 2.2.
Television? My father would not allow one in the house! I did have one once, but that was many years ago, and as long as I have a computer, I don’t need anything else.

To survive at all, we need to make far-reaching changes, and these will have a serious effect on the things we take for granted. If we all decided to ignore fashion, for example, in a short time the fashion industry would collapse, and the people employed in it would be looking for another source of income. Similarly, if many of us decide to give up driving a car, this would have a serious effect on the car industry, and may well lead to lay-offs – in one country or another.

We are already blocking coal mines wherever we can, and there are probably a lot of ex-miners still looking for work.

We cannot afford to be squeamish here! Changing our lifestyle will have knock-on effects for others, and they will have to be accepted. If you see someone in trouble as a result, give them a helping hand where you can!

If you got this far, thank you!

The more people trying to help, the better!

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