Warning – Revisited!


By now, I think everybody will be aware that our planet is getting warmer. I previously addressed this, as you can see from the link in the top menu above, ‘Warning’. I fear, however, that the problem is not being taken seriously, and that our world will sooner or later become uninhabitable for us.

Although I lost most of the files in a hard-drive crash some years ago, I decided that I could still do more with those I have left. Hence, I have produced new animations that I want to display in this post. I have ignored the half-way stage at 50 years, and gone straight for the 100 year state. I have shown all 5 continents, with America being divided into North and South.

First:- North America

Second:- South America.

Third:- Australia

Fourth:- Europe

Fifth:- Asia

Sixth:- Africa

As you can see, we will be left with the bones of the Earth, with nowhere to grow food, and little or no access to drinking water or minerals, ports, airports, or transportation, other than animals that may survive.

I sincerely hope that people will start to see how serious this problem is!

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