Back in Business!

It had to happen sooner or later. I just couldn’t stay away. I had to have my own server, with my own copy of WordPress running on it!

There were some niggles along the way, of course. I have changed from a 32 to a 64 bit system with the new processor, which rules out some of the simpler solutions, like Xitami. So I plumped for a new Wamp installation, 64bit of course, as I had some familiarity from a previous installation on the old computer.

However, memory being what it is – (mine, I mean) – I did need some prompts with the installation, and found this one – the best for the job. Not only are the pictures clear and readable, the text is also good English, which is extremely important when you are trying to install software. I mean, “Open directory where WAMP server you have been installed and perform the following steps” does not quite ring true, does it?

On the way, I did get some error messages, such as “Wamp cannot start because Vcruntime140.dll is missing”, and likewise it couldn’t find Msvcr110.dll.

For Windows 64 : Be sure that you have installed the Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package x64 : VC10 SP1 vcredist_x64.exe

Apache will not run without this component.

Once you have Wamp running, it is then a question of making a database for it in MySQL.

Now we come to the delicate bit!

You will of course have already downloaded a copy of the latest WordPress file, which is going to look like “”. Before we can use this for anything, it has to be unzipped, and we can do this anywhere convenient. I use the Desktop, as its easy to find there.

It unzips into a folder called “wordpress-4.9.1”, which contains …
another folder called “wordpress”, which contains …
the files we need to paste into C:\wamp64\www\

Note:– If we just paste the folder called “wordpress-4.9.1” into www, as here –
we will be making a mistake, and this will cause the dreaded 404 errors (file not found).

We need to remove the other folder called “wordpress” – it does nothing for us, and it is in the way!

So, cut all the files from the “wordpress” folder, and put them into the “wordpress-4.9.1” folder. The “wordpress” folder should now be empty, and you can throw it away!

For convenience, you may like to rename the “wordpress-4.9.1” folder to “mysite” or something more to your liking, as I did. This folder now gets pasted into Wamp, and the end address looks like this:-

Now open your web browser and go to http://localhost/mysite/

This starts you on the famous “5-minute Installation” that WordPress is renowned for, and in no time at all you will be rewarded with this –

a beautiful, freshly minted WordPress site with the theme Twenty Seventeen.

Truly, a site for sore eyes!!!

Happy New Year!

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