The Greens – Was it a Surge, or a Bubble?

The so-called Green Surge has expended its energy without having achieved anything of significance other than moving a point on a graph up a few points – only for it to crash down to a lower position than it occupied before the surge started!

The fact that the choice of party leader is not the optimum is only one of the factors affecting this outcome.

There has been a concerted effort to make the choice of a Green candidate available in as many constituencies as possible. This has spread resources so thin that new resources have had to be generated by crowd-funding. The constituencies newly offering a Green candidate will continue to consume resources until the election is over. I ask whether it would have been better to concentrate on a more focussed approach as outlined below (from

“If I was a Green Party member, and I’m not, I’d want to see a strategy for securing 15 per cent of the vote and a credible set of tactics for winning at least three seats and being competitive in plenty more.”

Having listened to some of the available interviews with Natalie Bennett on Youtube, I am appalled at the sheer ineptitude demonstrated. Not only is her speaking manner very bad, it is patently obvious that she does not know the subject matter in sufficient detail – to put it bluntly –
She doesn’t know what she is talking about!

For anyone being interviewed in the public domain, that would be a severe indictment indeed, but for a person that purports to lead a political party, it is political suicide. And if the party insists on continuing to support that person, the negative effects will spread much wider.

We have indeed seen this happen. The Green surge has dissipated, leaving hardly a trace behind it.

There is still some time before the election to make some amends, and I strongly recommend that the following approach be at least considered.

a) Immediately put Amelia Womack in charge of the party – if she is willing to take it on.
b) If she can’t handle it, find someone who can, and is willing!
c) Ask Caroline Lucas to do any TV debates that may be scheduled – she is the only one with the experience to handle that!
d) Take Natalie Bennett out of main stream altogether. She should not be one of the candidates in the coming election!

There is a significant advantage for taking these steps before the election. It is good to admit openly that a failure has been made, and has been corrected. It will generate trust, a valuable commodity for any political party, and will demonstrate that you are not afraid to take corrective measures when necessary.

The alternative is to do nothing, and then after the election has been totally lost, you can blame everyone for your own failures! This option is totally unconvincing, and is likely to send the Green party into political oblivion for a number of years.

Bite the bullet! Make the change now!

PS. I am curious. If you get the opportunity, find out what Natalie Bennett’s views on racism in Australia are. The only exception to the generally appalling treatment of the indigenous population seems to be if they are good at tennis!


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