Have a computer? Want to help?

Have you ever aspired to effecting change? It is true that most of us are not able to change very much – it just does not lie within our power. But when we start to add people together to become a group, and exert influence to increase the size of the group, we will eventually reach a point where the group becomes influential in a larger sphere.


This is exactly what we are trying to do as Social Media Activists, and the ones I am working with are working for the Green Party. And we want to change the UK for the better!

An astounding 2000+ supporters have already joined this group! If we could triple this figure we could reach millions of voters with our message before the General Election.


Why the Green Party?

Its partly the people, and partly the program they are presenting. Another factor is that the old parties have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that they do not govern in the interest of the people at all, and this means that democracy is not working!

We can do better than that, with the right people in charge. Let’s put them there!

Its time to go Green!


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