And suddenly there is Access!

Although I haven’t been so active on the blog of late, that doesn’t mean that I have been idle. On the contrary, I have been busy trying to get the hang of Twitter and its many facets. I found another one, quite by accident, today.

I decided to send a direct Tweet to a certain person, and once it had been sent it was only visible in my browser. The repeated version of Twitter that is sent to my blog didn’t have that particular Tweet at all. Curious, I thought, and did a couple more just to confirm the fact. Sure enough, they were invisible to the rest of the people reading my Twitter line.

While I was doing this, I was thinking of people who I would like to write to, but could find no access for. I don’t know if you have had similar problems, but some people just don’t seem to have an email address – or of they do, (and its almost certain they do), they are doing an excellent job of keeping it private.

Not so with Twitter!

You want to send a Tweet to Gordon Brown, for example, just search for the tag in Twitter, and up it comes:- @gordon_brown

For Tony Blair, though I can’t think of a possible reason for wanting to contact him, unless its to be very rude, there are several – @tonyblairoffice, @Plaid_Blair, and @TonyBlairEurope. Curiously enough, the search for “tony blair liar” leads also to @tonyblairoffice.

David Cameron? Yes, he’s the US at the moment, and I did send him something:- “@David_Cameron If you are not bringing Shaker Aamer with you after 13 years internment, you might as well stay there!”


I must admit, knowing that it is a private conversation, there is a tendency to be more rude than usual. I really will have to watch that, or I might find myself upsetting the wrong people!

So, if you want to contact someone, and are having a difficult time finding how to do it, try Twitter – you will probably succeed.