My great Outlander Binge!

OutlanderI had downloaded the first part of the Outlander after first checking what it was all about, and looking for ratings. I always check first on Rotten Tomatoes, for I consider it a waste of time and money to download something that isn’t liked by other people that have seen it. I generally reject everything below 50%, so it was good to see that the viewer’s rating for Outlander was up at 96%.

Although the content wasn’t what I would usually go for, the time travel aspect was certainly of interest, so I looked forward to my first viewing with anticipation.

I wasn’t disappointed! In fact, I was completely hooked. I downloaded whatever was available on the Internet, which amounted to 8 issues of the first series, and then looked around for more!

There was nothing else in video available, but my need was great. What else was on offer?

A quick search under the author’s name revealed that there was a range of material in e-book form, which covered most of her output to-date.

That was for me!

I downloaded all of them, and set to it.

Of course it is more effort to read something than to just watch a video, and essentially slower. But the first 8 episodes had already set the scene, so there was little left to the imagination, and the reading went splendidly. However, the amount of material to get through meant that I would be busy for a week or so. No matter, it was just what I needed. The list reads as follows:-

Dragonfly in Amber
Drums of Autumn
The Fiery Cross
A Breath of Snow and Ashes
An Echo in the Bone

I still have one to get “Written In My own Heart’s Blood”, but my hunger has been sated for a while, and it can wait a bit.

“Hats off” to Diana Gabaldon – a very accomplished and prolific author. And to think that The OUTLANDER series started by accident, when she decided to write a novel for practice!

If you have the time – highly recommended!


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