Victims of their own Stupidity, Israelis need help!

StopI think first I need to do some explaining, otherwise the title might seem confusing.

If you have read my previous posts on this subject, you will understand that I think governments have been appeasing Israelis for years now, and I just found an excellent explanation of how Israelis have got them to do it.


I am not going to attempt to explain it in detail myself – except to give you the dictionary definition, which is


Marwan BisharaNow read this, and you will begin to understand that we have been conned:-
On chutzpah and war
by Marwan Bishara

I include a long extract below, but do read the complete article – it really is worthwhile! I have added emphasis where I thought appropriate.

“Chutzpah, pronounced “choots-pah”, is audacity plus deception; it’s where arrogance meets presumption. The word itself is derived from old Yiddish – a combination of Russian and German. However, its meaning is best explained in anecdotes. For example, killing one’s own parents and then begging the court to have mercy on an orphan!

The mother of all chutzpahs came from the late Israeli premier Golda Meir about half a century ago: “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our sons , but we can never forgive them for forcing us to kill their children.” The new version blames the Palestinians for civilian deaths in Gaza, and praises Israel for sparing lives, even after the Israel offensive kills over a thousand Palestinians.

It’s the ultimate chutzpah when Israel government expresses empathy with the ill-fated civilian victims, as it gives the orders to the Israeli military to bomb entire Palestinian communities.

And more of it when Prime Minister Netanyahu makes the unsubstantiated claim that Hamas built tunnels to attack Israeli kindergartens, when in the last few days, Israeli jet fighters killed more than two hundred Palestinian children and hundreds more injured, according to UNICEF.

Perhaps the greatest chutzpah is the term itself, moving from scurrilous origins to something admirable. The popularisation of chutzpah as an accepted term of admiration, used across the West, runs alongside the acceptance and legitimisation of Israel’s narrative of victimhood and retaliation.

Provocation or retaliation

Rarely is chutzpah more pronounced as when Israel provokes attacks and cries self-defence. This time around, the situation is precisely the same.

Israel began an aggressive campaign against Hamas first in the West Bank and later in Gaza, even when its leaders suspected that Hamas was not behind the killing of three young Israelis in the occupied territories and that Hamas had no interest in military escalation after it joined the national unity government. In fact, Israeli politicians have now admitted that they know Hamas was not behind the deaths of the three young Israelis and that the kidnappings were the results of lone actors.

That didn’t stop Israeli security forces from deploying to the West Bank and arresting hundreds, including the prisoners released under past prisoner-exchange agreements. And yet, Israel’s top leaders did not hesitate to argue that their provocation was in retaliation to Hamas violations.

This contradiction between claims and reality is hardly new. Indeed there’s a pattern of Israeli violations meant to provoke Hamas and other Palestinians to react. To paraphrase professor Steve Niva, who documented Israeli provocations:
The only thing more threatening for Israeli leaders than Hamas “terrorism” is a Hamas ceasefire. Because when there’s ceasefire, Israel must talk peace, which entails giving up land.”

Now a word about Reputation.

The Israelis have over the years built a fearsome reputation for preemptive action, a trigger-happy finger, and extreme brutality – all backed up by state-of the art weaponry, and I don’t even need to mention nuclear weapons.

Unfortunately, they are too stupid to let their reputation do the work for them.

If they really want peace, thats all they have to do!

Our job is to persuade them that they are on the wrong path, by whatever means are at our disposal – short of an armed conflict,of course.

What could we do?

    1. Break off diplomatic relations – Expel their Ambassador.
    2. Apply sanctions.
    3. Send UN peacekeepers.
    4. Boycott everything Israeli, not just what comes out of settlements.
    5. Stop supplying arms.
    6. Stop sending funds to Israel, whatever their source.
    7. Cancel all existing contracts.
    8. Rescind all technological agreements.
    9. Rescind “Most Favoured Trading Nation” status

The objective is to freeze Israel out of world politics completely. After they have cooled their heels for a while, they might reconsider their position. However, they would not be brought in from the cold until they agree to abide by International Law, and United Nations Directives, of which they have been in breach for many years.

I have provided some links below where you can get busy.

The objective is to help the Israeli’s find the right path, and move from the dark side into the light.

If we are to save anything at all in Gaza, its extremely urgent – see –
Israel PM Netanyahu warns of ‘prolonged’ Gaza campaign
Gaza’s only power plant shut down by Israeli shelling

Lets Get This Done, Whatever it Takes!

Before I finish this post, a word of caution:-

The Jewish family down the road from you is not to blame for any of this – don’t take your feelings out on them. If they were of the same mindset as the Israeli’s, they would be living in Israel, and not here. The information given at
100 hate crimes: UK Jews targeted following Israel offensive in Gaza
is most disturbing, and should never have happened. The way to deal with extremism is definitely not to become an extremist yourself!


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