Gaza – Where do I Start?

The news I am getting about Gaza is almost beyond belief. Since when does “looking for tunnels” mean “reducing the place to rubble”?
Only stones remain’: Gaza lies in ruins

“In Gaza City, there is little to salvage from beneath the destruction.”

“The eastern neighbourhood of Shujayea is a ghost town. Electricity cables are sliced and sticking out of the debris of homes. Cars lay burnt out, and human remains are scattered along the streets; the air is thick with the smell of decay. “I am 45 years old, and I have never seen destruction like this,” says a resident, who didn’t give Al Jazeera his name.”

“There are two roads linking north and south Gaza: Saladin Road and Beach Road. Both are damaged; the former from Israeli tank shells and the latter from the Israeli warships lining the coast.”

“Along Saladin road, dairies and a local beverage factory are destroyed, while technical teams worked to restore power to electricity and water installations. Al Aqsa hospital in Deir el-Balah is damaged after Israeli strikes hit the operating theatre and the radiology department, killing five people and injuring more than 70 others on July 21.”

The Isrelis consider Gaza as a “Firing Range” – quite impervious to the fact that 1.8 million Palestinians live there.

Collateral damage looks like this:-

And now we find that Netanyahu has no intention whatsoever of ever relaxing the stranglehold. See:-
“Netanyahu finally speaks his mind”

“He made explicitly clear that he could never, ever, countenance a fully sovereign Palestinian state in the West Bank. He indicated that he sees Israel standing almost alone on the frontlines against vicious Islamic radicalism, while the rest of the as-yet free world does its best not to notice the march of extremism. And he more than intimated that he considers the current American, John Kerry-led diplomatic team to be, let’s be polite, naive.”

Being polite, I think the term naive applies to many more people than just John Kerry and his team, but it certainly explains why they have been wasting their time for the last six months. I would certainly include Cameron and most of the European politicians in that description, as they have all been trying to appease the Israeli monster for years, and achieving nothing.

The Israeli Monster?
Yes – one like this!:-

The appeasing has to stop!

In the UK, you can immediately send an email to the new Foreign Sectretary, Philip Hammond, and tell him what you think about the government’s response to the situation in Gaza.

A cease-fire won’t cut it!
We need the Israelis out of Gaza permanently, with no further influence whatsoever, and sanctions being applied if they step out of line again! And Gaza must have the freedom of its seaboard and port, as prescribed under International Law!

Email Philip Hammond


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