The Biggest Prison in the World? – GAZA!

I have made several posts on this subject recently, see

    Israeli’s are slow learners
    When Politicians fail, we must take up the slack
    Civilised? When death becomes a spectacle?

but the problem shows no signs of abating, and hence the requirement for a new one.

This time I am not going to be as polite as before!

We are all complicit in the problems that the Palestinians are facing!


Because we have failed to ensure that Democracy is functioning as it should in our own countries!

The result is that governments, while clamouring for a ceasefire, are also condoning the Israeli’s “right of self-defence”, even though it is the Israeli’s themselves who are the root cause of the aggression.

How else could Netanyahu possibly state “We are carrying out a complex, deep, intensive activity inside the Gaza Strip and there is world support for this… very strong support,” see
‘Shejaia massacre’ in Gaza prompts urgent UN Security Council meeting

He is conveniently ignoring the fact that there have been numerous demonstrations around the world in support of the Palestinians – which clearly indicates that governments are not in tune with the wishes of their own populations!

The notable exceptions are Venezuela and Bolivia and especially Turkey, where anger against Israel has reached fever-pitch, with three days of demonstrations outside the Israeli Embassy. See –

Israel reduces diplomatic staff in Turkey following violent pro-Palestinian protests

The clearest head in this whole disaster seems to be the Hamas leader, Mr. Khaled Meshaal, who states:- “his organisation will not accept a truce involving only a cessation of fire by both sides, and that any deal should secure long term political and economic gains for Palestinians.” See –

Hamas leader says Israel must ‘lift siege’ of Gaza before any ceasefire

With mediators gathered in Cairo negotiating an end to the conflict, Mr Meshaal, for the first time, laid bare the three principle demands by his organisation.

Israel must “stop the aggression” of air strikes against targets in Gaza, release the dozens of Palestinians detained in response to last month’s killing of three Israeli students in the West Bank, and “end the siege on Gaza permanently”.

“These are our clear demands,” said Mr Meshaal. “We won’t accept an agreement that prolongs the suffering of our people any more.

In Gaza, for the past seven years of siege, its 1.8 million residents have been living in a prison.”

And don’t forget that the United Nations has declared the blockade of Gaza illegal!

We are complicit in this – all of us!

We need to fix it! How?
1. If you can’t find a protest to join, start one!
2. In the UK, send an email to your MP!
3. Boycott all Israeli products!

Let them know we mean business!


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