Gone, but not forgotten, and £5m too late!

There will be few in the UK that mourn the passing of Owen Patterson as Environment Secretary, and I am certain that badgers all over the country will agree that he has got his just desserts –

He has himself been culled!

Unfortunately, the move came too late to thwart one final act of idiocy – to snip £5m from Kew Gardens annual budget! See –
Jane Goodall and David Attenborough lead fight to save Kew Gardens

“It has achieved fame for being the world’s greatest centre for botanical research, a place where the planet’s rarest plant and tree species are preserved and studied. But now Kew Gardens, established more than 200 years ago, is set to become the focus of an international battle following an intervention by renowned biologist Jane Goodall, who has denounced a recently inflicted budget cut as “unbelievably stupid”.

“Goodall, who carried out pioneering work on the behaviour of chimps, has written to the environment secretary, Owen Paterson, urging him to hand out £5m to restore the centre’s budget in the wake of financial cuts imposed by the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs. “To read that 125 professional staff members are set to lose their jobs because of cuts in government funding is shocking,” Goodall says.”

“Sir David Attenborough, a former Kew Gardens trustee, said the cuts were scandalous. “Kew is one of the world’s most important botanical institutes and this country depends on it for all kinds of things – for publishing surveys of our plant life, carrying out botanical research and pinpointing imported plants and other species that customs cannot identify,” he said. “To treat it like a playground that can be taxed or not, depending on how you feel, is simply an uncivilised, philistine act.”

I find it really hard to understand what this government is trying to do. It seems that everything that defines Britishness is under attack. What will be their next move, I wonder? Sell off the Crown Jewels, or the Tower of London? Privatise the Monarchy? And they don’t seem to care how many people they antagonise in the process.

Kew Gardens is high on the list of places for schoolchildren to visit. They may not understand its full importance as a research centre, but they cannot fail to be impressed by the sheer variety of plants being nurtured and thriving away from their native habitat.

Please add your voice to the growing clamour against this injustice by signing the
Change.org Petition

You can’t put a price on Heritage!</h2.


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