UK – How Good is Your MP?

38degreesPeople are beginning to realise that not all MP’s are equal. There are those that blatantly ignore their electorate until the next baby-kissing season is upon them, and there are those that actively communicate with the intention of helping their constituents as much as possible.
As a constituent, what would be your preference?

    a) To have an MP that responds to any legitimate grievance you may have, or
    b) to have one that fobs you off with platitudes, or doesn’t even respond at all?, or
    c) to have one that refuses all communication by blocking their email address?

I think most of us would prefer a)!

But how do we know beforehand what we are going to end up with after the election?

As it stands, we don’t. But all that could be about to change – and you can contribute to making that change happen!

38Degrees is currently running a poll “DIGITAL DEMOCRACY: WHAT DO YOU THINK?

This is in response to a request from the “Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy

As I see it, this poll would provide useful information on many candidates at the next election, as I am sure that most of them would run again. I, for one, would not vote for someone that I knew would be non-responsive, and I guess the same goes for you.

The advantage of having this data in 38Degrees’ hands is that they will be in a position to provide useful advice on candidates at the next election, and we will stand a better chance of getting a more responsive Parliament.

The poll itself is simple enough, and covers the following points:-

    – How do you use the internet to communicate with your MP?
    – How would you describe the way your MP responds to you?
    – Have you had a good experience communicating with your MP online?
    – Can you give an example?
    – Have you had a bad experience communicating with your MP online?
    – Can you give an example?
    – Has contacting your MP digitally helped you to understand how parliament works and what politicians do?
    – Some MPs say that the reason they can’t respond to 38 Degrees members is because they get too many emails. How do you think MPs can resolve this?
    – Do you think Parliament should invest money in giving MPs training and tools to communicate with their constituents in the digital age?
    – How else do you think parliament should engage people online?
    – Any other issues?

That’s all there is to it – simple!

Now, off you go and get it filled in!


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