Israeli’s are Slow Learners!

For years now, the Israeli’s have been using extreme provocation to antagonise the Palestinians into retaliation, then punishing the awaited pinpricks with massive overkill, and innocent women and children being written off as “Collateral Damage”.

For years now, the Israeli’s have been pleading “The Holocaust” as an excuse for ignoring International Law – and been allowed to get away with it.

For years now, the Israeli’s have expected their tactics to so subdue the opposition that there will be peace and quiet at at last, but it doesn’t happen, and they don’t learn.

If anyone were to treat a dog as badly, there would be an international outcry, but what do we hear from Cameron – “The Israeli’s have the right to defend themselves!” The poor man has not yet understood that the whole process is a deliberate ploy on the part of the Israeli’s to achieve a single goal –

Peace, but only under terms that they dictate unilaterally!

America’s apparently blind support for Israel also indicates that they have either not fully understood what lies behind Israel’s actions, or condone them. Vice President Joe Biden’s efforts to broker a peace settlement came to naught. President Obama’s offer to broker a ceasefire since the current outbreak of hostilities has been ignored.

No, the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, said his government would not be deflected by criticism from abroad, refusing to rule out a ground offensive and vowing there would be more air strikes. So far more than 100 Palestinians have been killed, mostly civilians, including at least 23 children. More than 670 have been injured. There have as yet been no Israeli fatalities.

See “Israeli PM vows there will be more air strikes on Gaza

A more balanced article on the current escalation can be found here:-
The world must intervene to restrain the Israeli army

“The world watches but does nothing as yet another crisis unfolds. The tragedy of the disappearance and killing of three Israeli teenagers last month has provoked a campaign of collective punishment against Palestinian citizens across the occupied territories. Mass arrests have been carried out, whose victims include Palestinian parliamentarians. And revenge attacks have occurred, with Israeli settlers taking the law into their own hands.”

“The fact remains that an illegal military occupation has been in place for 47 years. It is one that has transformed life for Palestinians into an oppressive system of apartheid. Without changing that, nothing else will change. Neither the Palestinians nor the Israelis will ever enjoy real peace or security.”

Israeli policy goes way beyond Sadism.

It is, in fact, Evil in its purest form!


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