Can the NHS Withstand this Onslaught?

NHS ImpactHardly a day goes past without a mention of the woes that the NHS is undergoing at the moment. The links below indicate how serious the problem is.

NHS will face £30bn funding gap by 2020, official warns
NHS in Wales faces £2.5bn funding gap
Hospitals to be paid by NHS to claw back costs of treating foreigners
Nurses vote against fee for GP services
GP surgeries are not fit for purpose: BMA
NHS Direct ‘failed dying three year-old’

And more recently:-
Lib Dems to demand emergency £2bn bailout for the NHS – reports
Poll: NHS decisions should be left to doctors, say majority of Britons
Jeremy Bowen’s father left without food and water in hospital
Wounded soldiers failing to receive the care they are entitled to
NHS cash problems will get worse next year, finance chiefs believe
Jeremy Hunt plans disclosure drive to reduce medical errors

I’m sure if you dig a little deeper, you will uncover more such horror stories.

The can be no doubt that the NHS has really serious problems, but this leads to two pertinent questions:-
1. Who is causing them?, and
2. How do we fix them?
In my view, the NHS is suffering from “Politicians Disease“. If there had been a real motivation on the part of the government over the years to do something effective to solve the problems, it would have been done. Instead, it seems that the intention is to let it run on starvation rations until it implodes, and has to be bailed out with a massive injection of Privatisation.

The answer to question 2. is much more complicated. First, we have to make the government understand that the NHS must remain “free at the point of use”, as was always the intention, and the funds to do the job have to be found at the expense of lower priority demands on money, such as wars, nukes, and increases in MP’s salary or expenses.

Then we must convince the government that politicians are not capable of running the NHS at all;- it needs to be properly managed by an independent body that is not likely to change at every election cycle.

And, as I have said before, there must be an agreed long-term plan to work to.

This won’t happen unless YOU get off your butt, and do something about it!

Don’t forget, we are all ultimately responsible for our own bodies. We can improve our personal situation by our choice of lifestyle, and maintain our good health ourselves. Think: – Thin is Beautiful!

You want to keep the NHS?

Then fight for it!


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