It Wasn’t Writer’s Block!

I haven’t posted anything for about three days now, but writer’s block wasn’t the problem – it was the computer, which took about 2 days to sort out, and then a loss of Internet connection for about a day immediately afterwards.

It never rains, does it!

The loss of connection may have actually been a little less than that, but it took that long for me to find out that it was back. The thing is, leaving the Wifi running constantly is not the answer, as it does not always reset to changing conditions. It needs to be switched off and then restarted to show the prevailing state of the system.

Now I have no more access to my favourite browser – Opera 12.16 – as the installation file I have for it no longer works. Instead, I am running Opera 21.0, which is a massive change, and takes a bit of getting used to. Two of the things I most miss are the extremely detailed control in the older version, and the download speed indication.

There have been some other changes too:-

    Avira didn’t want to install its latest version – kept giving me Error 2503 at each attempt, and failing – so I am now running Avast.
    Adobe Flash had to be reinstalled, as the new browser didn’t notice that it was there already.
    My off-line installation had to be completely rebuilt, as Wampserver was no longer running correctly.

Fortunately, WordPress makes this easy for us, as the on-line installation can be exported as an .xml file, and imported into the local setup. Note that this will not include any pictures – they will all have to be edited back in. Note also that there is a size limit on the file that can be imported (2Gb), but that wasn’t a problem for me – yet.

So,things are more or less back to normal, lets go and see what’s out there on the web!


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