MAM – The UK Media Silence is Deafening!

How did this one slip through? There was no mention at all of the Worldwide March Against Monsanto (MAM) on any of the BBC, the Telegraph or the Guardian. I wouldn’t have known anything about it until it was too late if it hadn’t been for this:-
Global anti-GMO action: People unite against Monsanto dominance
What is on earth is our media doing?

    Have they given in to GMO’s and accepted them for a fact of life now?
    Have they been lulled into a sense of false security by our badger-hating Environment Secretary?
    Has the government imposed a blanket “Don’t Publish” order on the subject?

I don’t accept any of the above. Nor do I accept that they have been too busy with the election. That has already slipped down the page, and the BBC is still serving up pages from years ago.

This is far too important an issue to let slip by default!

Recommended Action.

If we cannot rely on our media, we can take action ourselves. Go to “March Against Monsanto“, and inform yourself. Unfortunately, there appear to be no actions whatsoever in the UK, and it is now too late to organise anything useful.

The media have really let us down on this one!

If we can’t participate this time round, we can prepare for future actions by signing up for the newsletter.

Then the media can go whistle!