A Shot Across the Bows!

The European election is nearly on us, and its time to cast an Anti-Establishment vote.

My previous post “Desperate Times Require Desperate Measures” welcomed the impact of UKIP on the UK political stage, as it has provided the “Shot Across the Bows” to the Conservative, Lib-Dem, and Labour parties that was undoubtedly necessary.
(UKIP’s last billboard poster nearly gets it right, but the clock face should be showing fat cats from big business!)

I did indicate that I was not too sure that UKIP would be up to the job of forming a government in Westminster, and after reading through their Manifesto, I am still of the same opinion. It does lack a vast amount of information on policy towards the rest of the world, as is borne out by the following article:-
All UKIP needs now is a manifesto. Try this

Note that I am not saying that I agree with everything in the article – I don’t – but it is a starting point that could be considered.

One of the biggest things I miss is a definitive statement on blocking the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – a disgusting travesty conceived in total secrecy and designed to IRREVOCABLY remove the last vestiges of democracy from subservient countries.
EU-US trade talks – 5th round to start on 19 May
Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
TTIP: EU and US Prepare to Enhance Global Corporatocracy With Free Trade Deal
Brussels: Water cannons turned on anti-TTIP protesters fighting the Son of ACTA
The lies behind this transatlantic trade deal
‘TTIP will only be to the benefit of industries’
Transatlantic trade talks hit German snag | FT.com

It may be that outside the EU, the UK would automatically escape the brunt of this terrible treaty, but I would much prefer written guarantees than pure conjecture.

The Greens, on the other hand, are quite adamant about Fair Trade, not Free Trade, and will oppose anything which weakens democracy, and allows private companies to take legal action against governments for democratically chosen laws and rules via the I-S dispute settlement mechanism. See their Manifesto, under “Fair Trade, Building a Better Economy”

This article by Richard Heller is also of interest:-
Comment: The Green Party are now the real threat to Labour

On balance, for the imminent EU election, it doesn’t seem to matter which of the two you vote for – The Green Party, or UKIP – but unless Nigel Farage can up his game, and come up with a viable manifesto for the longer term, at the general election I recommend the Green Party.

And what about the Conservatives, the Lib-Dems, and Labour?

Its time to sink them, once and for all!