The Reply Box

I recently posted a plea on the Commons to have the ‘Reply Box’ on comment forms at the top of the list, instead of the bottom. My main concern was the length of time it took to load a page. If there are lots of comments, with a slow connection it can take ages to complete loading, but there is actually another problem that could be worse.

If you are accessing a blog via a mobile phone, or tablet computer using a Wifi conection, you may well have a monthly bandwidth limit. If you are away from home, you may find that “Roaming” charges also apply, which could mean that the whole thing gets prohibitively expensive!

Replies to my post indicated that the position of the ‘Reply Box’ was dependent on the mode of display selected for Comments –

    1. Oldest First, with Reply Box at bottom, or
    2. Newest First, with Reply Box at top.

As far as I can tell, there is no logical reason to couple the two things together. The position of the ‘Reply Box’ should be completely independent of reply sequence.

It should default to the “Top” position.

Furthermore, changing my settings to “Newest Comments First” does not help me at all when I visit other blogs. If your blog is still set at “Oldest Comments First”, I still have the same problem!

No – this is a matter for WordPress!

Please get it sorted out!


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