OK, I’m Addicted – So What!

I stared at the words “Account Suspended” in utter disbelief!

They can’t be serious, I thought.

I must have made a mistake somewhere. I disconnected, and started the log-in procedure again, paying meticulous attention to detail to ensure that there was no mistake this time.

Again, those two diabolical words that signified complete and utter isolation – I was cut off!

Nothing for it but to fill in the data in the “If you think…” box, and wait for a reply from the people running the WordPress system.

My first thought was that I could have transgressed the Terms of Service somehow, so I read through them again to see if there were any clues there.

Then I thought, well if I can see my site, and read everything on it, it can’t be that bad. If there really was a bad transgression, they could always shut down the site completely, so nobody could see it at all. Or failing that, they could make an offending part unavailable.

All this introspection was getting me no further. I needed to decide what to do next.

It wasn’t as though I had lost all possibility of doing something productive – far from it. The computer was functioning normally, power was available, and my off-line system was running perfectly well. In fact, to carry on working I only needed a simple text editor anyway, so I wasn’t stumped for something to do.

No, the problem was inside my head. The feeling of being cut off was swamping all creative thought. I know it was totally irrational, but I couldn’t shake it off.

I tried to rationalise the problem in the hope of making some progress – any direction would do at this stage.

What it boiled down to was –
I could no longer communicate with my readers, even though I didn’t know any of them personally, and had no idea how many of them there were.

I felt doubly put out, for the Blogging 101 challenge had not finished, and as things looked, I would not be able to complete it.

Curiously, I had seen myself behave in a similarly obsessive manner before, but it had more to do with trying to give up smoking. Exactly what was happening here? Was I addicted to blogging?

It could well be!

Eventually the log-in problem disappeared of its own accord, and my world was back to rights again. The problem was nothing to do with my blog, but a WordPress glitch that had affected a number of people involved in the Blogging 201 challenge. I had signed up for both, so I suffered with the rest of them.

So, it seems that I am addicted to blogging.

Don’t bug me. Let me feed it!

At least its not life-threatening! (?)