Not all Vaginas are Equal

I had to think long and hard before deciding to write this post, as we normally consider the vagina to be within the purview of “Women’s Talk” rather than men’s. But then I had a thought – as an active male over a period of years, I had probably acquired more knowledge about the variations of the vagina than any woman would have, unless she was active in obstetrics as a midwife, physician or surgeon.

I have also noticed significant differences in the way that men and women think about that part of the female anatomy. Women tend to the view that the vagina is not beautiful, not something to be proud of, but to be kept hidden away until necessity of one sort or another demands that it be revealed. Even then, they are sometimes very reluctant to let a male partner even look at it.

Children are by no means so inhibited. I am reminded of a particular girl who lived in the same street when we were kids, who insisted that I come inside her house, as she had ‘something to show me’. I wasn’t at all interested, but she was persistent, and eventually persuaded me. When I went in, I saw her sitting on the floor, with skirt pulled high, legs spread wide, and naked from the waist down. Furthermore, she had pulled the outer lips of her vagina apart to reveal the soft pink tissue within.

I took in this (to me at that age) horrific picture at a glance, evaluated it as best I could, and reacted with a violent shock. It looked to me as though the girl was badly injured! I ran out of the house as fast as I possibly could, and never went back!

The way I see things now, of course, is a different matter entirely. The vagina can, in fact, be one of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s body, but to persuade its owner of your opinion could be an uphill battle that you would never win.

I know that some women are so unhappy with their vagina that they resort to plastic surgery to have it reshaped to their wishes. What they probably don’t realise beforehand is that any cut of the scalpel will slice through nerves, and result in their sexual experience being changed for evermore. On balance, I would say it is a poor trade-off, and should be left alone.

How much more so does this apply to the poor souls that are forced to suffer FGM!

There are no religious grounds for FGM at all, according to Wikipedia, although it is prevalent in or near certain Muslim areas. FGM is more a cultural matter than a religious one, but one that is surprisingly perpetuated by the women, rather than being demanded by the men. In fact, some women insist on being sewn up again after childbirth!

There are exceptions, thank goodness.FGM campaigner

Jaha Dukureh, from Atlanta, is leading the campaign to end FGM in the US.
Ban Ki-moon: FGM a ‘human rights violation’ that must end” refers.

And a petition has been organised at

There are some useful links on the NHS page on Female Genital Mutilation

And the idea of searching for victims by using mandatory medical checks has a certain appeal.

Met chief says UK may turn to mandatory medical tests for FGM

Anti-FGM campaign at UK airports seeks to stop mutilation of girls

However, the above action only lasted a week, and the interception occurred when families returned, rather than before they left, which was far too late – the damage had already been done!

There is no cure for FGM.

We must therefore step up efforts at PREVENTION!

What are the possibilities?

    1. Immigrants should all have to undergo a medical before being accepted. If there is any sign of FGM in the family, entry should be refused.
    2. Instead of a 14 year jail sentence at taxpayers expense, Repatriation should be considered for the whole family.
    3. Make FGM part of the school curriculum to increase awareness in children.
    4. If you can think of other useful ideas, please add them to the list in a Comment!

In closing, who, in their right mind, would inflict such a disaster on a child like this?
Face of circumcised baby

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