Desperate Times require Desperate Measures!

If you have ever seen a video of PMQ’s, (Prime Ministers Questions), you will understand full well why I say that desperate times require desperate measures. It is reminiscent of baboons squabbling over a choice piece of fruit, and about as productive.

I am certainly not the only one to think so.

Apparently Jenny Willott, the Equalities minister, has declared she hates prime minister’s questions with a “total passion”. More on this here:-
Equalities minister decries male-led Westminster and ‘hateful’ PMQs

Now I maintain that the so-called ‘Democratic system’ in the UK is no longer fit for purpose, and is in dire need of a total revision. If you have looked at my site “The Challenge of Democracy”, you will understand why.

We can’t call on the obvious person for help – Guy Fawkes – as he is long since dead. Curiously enough, he has been described as “the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions”, and I can fully understand why. (Wikipedia).

No, we have to rely on somebody who is currently alive, and in a position to do the job that needs to be done. The job I have in mind is certainly not to blow up the Houses of Parliament, but to decimate the parties that currently hold sway in it.

It doesn’t really matter which one you look at, they are all incapable of governing the country in the interests of the electorate, and that is why the system is failing us.

In order to achieve the change that is needed, it is first necessary to break the stranglehold that big business has over the parties in the system. We need a disruptive factor.

Enter Nigel Farage, and UKIP!

What you think of him doesn’t matter. Nigel is pushing the three main parties onto the defensive, and current polls show that UKIP is in a very strong position prior to the European elections on May 22nd.

Camerons latest invective, “David Cameron brands Nigel Farage and Ukip a threat to Britain
is a case in point. It is a total misrepresentation of what UKIP is all about. Cameron is scared, and Cameron is scaremongering!

As for Bill Drummond, (who on earth is he, by the way), his asinine splurgings have probably contributed to an increased vote for UKIP – exactly the opposite of what he wanted to achieve. See:-“Why I covered a Ukip billboard poster with my international grey paint

Quite honestly, I am not at all convinced that UKIP would be able to form a viable UK government, even if they were able to win a majority in an election.

But that is not the point!

UKIP just has to provide the disruptive factor we need, and the job is done. What happens to them after that is not relevant to this discussion.

Love him or hate him, Nigel Farage is Necessary!

Snowden was Right! – Official!

So now it is official – Snowden was right! It was a long time coming.

There have been other articles on this subject before, of course, such as:-

but now we have the clincher at:-
MPs: Snowden files are ’embarrassing indictment’ of British spying oversight

“A highly critical report by the Commons home affairs select committee published on Friday calls for a radical reform of the current system of oversight of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, arguing that the current system is so ineffective it is undermining the credibility of the intelligence agencies and parliament itself.”

“The cross-party report is the first British parliamentary acknowledgement that Snowden’s disclosures of the mass harvesting of personal phone and internet data need to lead to serious improvements in the oversight and accountability of the security services.”

Sir Malcolm Rifkind, currently chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee, (ISC), attempted to ward off interference from outside by stating that the ISC would conduct its own inquiry into personal privacy and state surveillance.

We all know that self-policing never works!

“The Home Office said: “Our security agencies and law enforcement agencies operate within a strict legal and policy framework and under the tightest of controls and oversight mechanisms. This represents one of the strongest systems of checks and balances and democratic accountability for secret intelligence anywhere in the world.”

Sorry, its not enough. Fix it!

It seems that the select committee has done a commendable job. Our task is to ensure that acceptable reforms are carried through, and these must include stripping away secrecy wherever possible.

And if you wish to send a person note of thanks to Edward Snowden, you can do so here!

Shocking Statistics!

If you go to the web page “Typhoon Haiyan survivors in Tacloban face upheaval as city tries to rebuild” you will find some shocking statistics in the graphic under the heading

“Typhoon Haiyan The Aftermath”

    Human Cost – 62,000+
    People affected – 14.1 million
    Still in danger zones – 30,000
    Babies born in area in last 6 months – 84,000

Do you realise that the loss of life has been made up in only 6 months, with a 25% increase?

This equates to an annual increase in population of 50% in the affected area!

Its high time Filipinos found a different hobby!