Pist off with Pistorious? Me Too!

It really is beyond belief! The news sites are still milking this trial for all they are worth. Only today I found another article on the Telegraph – “Ballistics evidence to feature in Pistorius trial”. I am not going to provide a link for it – if you are really that interested, it is easy enough to find.

Why does the news media find this person so interesting anyway? OK, so he is an athlete, and a successful one in spite of being disabled, but from what I have so far seen of the trial’s progress, he is not particularly astute.

And who really wants to know that a grown man has been crying in court? Not I, for one! In fact, far from gaining sympathy, if that is the intention, it arouses more a feeling of disgust, for such showmanship and theatricals have no place in a murder trial, as far as I am concerned. If they are being used, then there is a strong possibility that they are designed to mislead from the truth.

No. Give us the trial result if you must, but spare us the irrelevant details that lead to it. There must be countless thousands of other subjects that have more interest for the average reader.


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