Staying within the Theme’s limits!

As a result of the Challenges, I have been delving into the “Stats” more deeply – with some surprising results-

    a) I am getting comments on pages that have apparently not been visited
    b) The number of pages viewed may, or may not, correlate with the number of visitors
    c) Visitors do not always read to the end, in which case they are missing the main points.

Perhaps its my interpretation of the stats that is wrong? Its early days yet, we’ll see.

I tried to improve matters by adding navigation links to the “Challenge of Democracy” site, but have since come to the conclusion that it wasn’t enough. The theme allows me to go to a depth of 11 on the menu, but I needed in fact a depth of 14, which meant that 3 pages were not visible at all.

There has been radical surgery!

I have combined 6 shorter pages into 3 longer ones, and thrown out those no longer needed. The site now fits in the menu nicely, without having to resort to changing the screen magnification, which nobody in their right mind really wants to do anyway. The page-to-page navigation has also been removed, as it is no longer needed.

(I won’t tell you about the 7-year old spelling error that I corrected, sorry, but no!)

Apart from that, I am having to correct individual pages that have previously had comments turned off, as there doesn’t seem to be a global facility for doing that. Perhaps there is one, but I don’t know about it yet.
You might also have noticed that the items on the top menu are now in alphabetical order, something that I had been wanting to fix for a long time. This came down to a page order change that was inherited from the original theme. Putting the page order back to ‘0’ for each page allowed the natural function of the system to take over, and “Presto” – it was done!

Wizard stuff!