Dang me! I’ve been Re-blogged!

There was 1 comment waiting for moderation when I logged into the blog this morning, but it wasn’t the usual spam. When I moused over the originating URL, the picture that came up in my browser was a miniature of my own post.

I immediately went to the site, and started to read.

Sure enough, I was reading my very own post, in a totally different setting, and on a totally different blog.

A mixture of thoughts flooded quickly through my brain, one chasing the other: – surprise, amazement, even shock, but they finally settled down to one – Elation!

For a blogger, the Reblog must be the ultimate in compliments, and the way it was done – simply, without additional comment, but with that all-important link back to the source at the bottom, was perfectly fine with me.

Ok, so their blog carries adverts, but they don’t detract from the concept that this blogger thought my post a perfect match for the material he/she was trying to get across.

Which post are we talking about?

The last one – “Subversion? – Keep one eye on the Big Picture!”

And where did it go? Here!

I didn’t know this blog at all, so I had a look around. It is a bit of a puzzle if you don’t speak Arabic, but if you click on the main symbol it will take you to the front of the blog.allah-muslim-symbol

It turns out not to be a ‘hate’ blog at all, more informative than anything, and not only concentrated on religion. A sample of titles from posts on the front page reads as follows:-

    My Trip to the Mosque
    Sunrise in Kuala Lumpur
    From Inside Al Aqsa
    Islamist plot to infiltrate schools ‘widespread across UK’
    Brunei Adopts Islamic Sharia Law, Will Soon Allow Flogging, Dismemberment, and Stoning to Death

Some articles are not in English language, but the majority are.

You may make comments, but there is no ‘About’ and no ‘Contact’ page.

If this blog is neutral, as I hope, it could prove a useful source of information for us. I am therefore going to add it to my list of sources on Hotlinks, with many thanks for the Reblog!


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