Look Ma! My New Blogroll, no Widgets!

This had been bugging me for some time. I didn’t realise that my blogroll had disappeared completely when I changed the theme, but sometime later. Perhaps I was just too busy getting everything sorted out to my liking.

When I looked around, there was no suitable widget for a blogroll either. Ok, so a ‘Links’ widget could have been pressed into service for the purpose, so I wasn’t completely without options.

The only thing was, my off-line system does not have a ‘Links’ widget, so there would have been an incompatibility between my off-line system and the on-line blog.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like incompatibilities!

So, the result is a new page called “Hot-Links”. You will see it on the top menu bar.

And no, the Climate Hot-Links have not gone, they have just been moved! You will find them under the Hot-Links main title.

Oh yes, while I think of it. There are two “By the ways…..”

By the way (1) … Does anybody know how to get the top menu in alphabetical sequence, left to right? I have been puzzling over this for a while, but have given up for the moment, as there are a myriad other things to do, at least.

By the way (2) … Comments have been switched on for a while now, but I forgot to mention it. But do check on the comments page to find out what the rules are, I don’t want to spend a lot of time throwing out garbage, as before.

Happy Blogging!


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